Online Tools That Will Help in Boosting the SEO Productivity

By | November 27, 2018

According to, 42% of the marketers have stated that the effectiveness of SEO is increasing to a huge extent. The current landscape of marketing is littered with a number of choices, especially when you are choosing productivity tools. A number of new and unique tools have been developed over the years that come along with views to streamline the SEO productivity, manage resources, and provide insights. Since a number of tools are available, it is difficult to choose the appropriate one. You need to consider tools that are accessible almost everywhere, allow collaboration, can be customized, can be scaled, and minimizes the steps for completing tasks.

Given below is a list of the tools that you can consider.


This tool is one of the most interesting analytics and client management suites that focus primarily on SEO. It is not very expensive in comparison to all the other analytics and client management tools that are available in the market. This is why it is probably a great fit for the small or medium sized agencies as well as freelancers. The tool has scalable plans that you can use for the money that you have decided to pay. The significant tools that are there include keyword metrics, competitor research, SEO auditing, social monitoring, and backlink monitoring.

Keyword Keg

As the name suggests, this tool is responsible for identifying the keywords quickly. This is absolutely free for usage. It is true that this tool is not as recognized as the large tool for keyword research, but it is extremely quick and detailed, and exceptionally practical, especially when you are working on the keyword groups. You will get access to the keyword costs, the competition, as well as the volume. You will get the option of breaking them down by language and country, and you will be able to export these and use them later on. To know more, you can visit


This tool helps in streamlining the critical administrative and marketing task for not only the SEO agencies but also the remote teams. The tool also ensures that the branding, format, and other processes remain consistent. It is a unique cloud-based tool, which has been designed for creating intuitive proposals, which are capable of impressing the clients and winning more work. Since the templates are highly customizable, you have the option of adding text, images, videos, or any rich media.


This tool is one of the easiest and simplest research tools, which helps in measuring user engagement. It has been helping a number of SEO agencies to research content, influencer research, monitor a brand, and analyze the competitors. You can select the free version, which will allow you to discover the contents that are performing in the best possible manner, through the social media networks. You will get four searches every day if you select this free version. For more searches, you can look at the price plans.


With all the tools that are available, it might not be easy to spot the one that is best for your agency or you. Consider the tools that have been mentioned above, and you will surely find the right fit.

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