Web designers should be good mind readers to create positive vibes for influencing the audience

By | December 3, 2018

Website design imparts both aesthetic and functional qualities to websites and contributes handsomely in creating the most important first impression of website visitors that goes a long way in impacting SEO. The website performance largely depends on how well viewers accept it at first glance because it determines the engagement level. Other factors that influence better viewer engagement are the website functionalities and optimization of features which are also derived from web design.  Having the most viewer-friendly web design helps to generate the right responses for the audience who falls in love with the website. Good web design elicits the right emotions by playing on the psychology of viewers that results in creating close bonding with the brand and business that boosts the prospects of Rochester SEO campaigns.

WordPress has made website creation so easy that anyone can just start doing it by choosing an SEO friendly WordPress theme. No matter what kind of theme you may choose, keep in mind the above issues to ensure that the theme can deliver the right results expected from good web design. While you must consider how much the design can support various functionalities, you must pay more attention to the psychological aspects of the design that help in creating the all-important favorable first impression. Only when viewers find the web design attractive that they would feel like spending more time provided the functionalities ensure a pleasing browsing experience.  Identifying the design elements that influence human psychology and leveraging it for increasing the attractiveness of websites is the primary task of web designers. Which design elements to focus on will become clear as you go through this article.

Using blank spaces in the design

When someone views a website for the first time, the layout of the design is what attracts them first and helps to form the first opinion as they can make out how much the design appeals to them. From the choice of colors to the way of spreading content and images across the web pages and choice of fonts and font size, various elements of graphic design play a role in generating certain feelings in the minds of viewers. Designers must ensure that the design elements generate a positive feeling and avoid making the design clumsy which can happen when the elements occupy almost all the available space.

Packing too many design elements and leaving no or minimal blank spaces harm the website interest because the eyes and minds of viewers would get crammed for want of some breathing space. Therefore leaving blank or white spaces in design in a well thought out manner is extremely important for giving the eyes and minds some relief and rest. Traditionally, designers leave some spaces on the margins and around the objects and even leave some patches of white spaces which are typical traits of minimalist design.  Leaving adequate space in design provides mental relief to viewers and help to sustain their interest in the website.

Content presentation affects its value

Even very high-quality content can appear morbid due to the poor presentation that hinders the ease of reading and turns away viewers. Web designers must understand the content well and arrange it nicely from the design perspective by splitting it into small chunks convenient placed for viewers to go through it quickly and pick up the relevant pieces of information without any difficulty. Nobody wants to go through large chunks of text content that appears difficult to read and takes time to hunt for the required information. If the content presentation is not attractive, it will have a negative effect on user experience that designers have to avoid at all cost.

The content might carry lots of information, but viewers would be interested in finding something specific very quickly by scanning through the entire content without reading it. When they can do it easily, they feel comfortable, appreciate the website quality and feel like coming back again.

Typography selection

Typography is very powerful ammunition in the designer’s armory that helps to stroke the right emotions of viewers that generate positive vibes. With thousands of typefaces flooding the internet, designers have endless options to strike the right chords with viewers by choosing suitable typography that matches with the website theme and business objectives and upholds the spirit of the content in the right way.

Creating a color scheme

Colors directly impact the moods of viewers and web designers can use colors intelligently to generate the right feelings among viewers that bring them closer to the website. Colors relate to the philosophy of business and create an identity that becomes a part of the brand and business. Colors create a context for the content that aligns with the spirit of the organization.

While colors set the tone of websites, the other design elements work in unison to create a harmonious effect that attracts viewers and keep them engaged.