4 Easy Steps to Starting to Scrapbook

By | December 4, 2018

Some people start scrap-booking because they want to preserve memories of their lives or those of their family. Others do it just for fun, while others do it as a way of preserving the legacy of the family. If you have been thinking of scrap-booking, here is how you can get started with it.

Step 1- Determine why you want to scrapbook

People start scrap booking for various reasons. Knowing your main reason for doing this will help you find the right scrapbook to use. For instance, you can start scrap booking as:

  • A way of preserving milestones and recording events in your life
  • For biographical reasons
  • As a gift to someone, for instance, as an anniversary book or wedding gift
  • As a way of promoting healing to someone, for instance, someone who is going through loss or stress. By showing them the many wonderful memories of life that they have, you can help them cope and realize that life is not all negative.

Step 2- Choose a theme

Select a theme that you would like your scrapbook to have. For instance, you might want to come up with a memory for a vacation that you once had and you loved. Or you might want to document the life of a single person.

It is also a good idea to use photos that have the same photographic look. For instance, if you are using black and white photos, use this throughout the book and do not mix them with color photos. This helps to give the book a unified theme.

Step 3- Collect photos and memorabilia

You can now start collecting all the photos and memorabilia that you would like to use. For instance, go through your house and check for various photos. You can also get memorabilia, such as paper flowers from prima marketing,which you can use in your scrap book.

Other things you can use include flat objects, such as keys, train or even bus or air tickets. Basically, anything that adds to your story. You can alternate this with much bulkier items.

Step 4- Start putting things in your scrapbook

Now that you have everything that you need, you need to start putting them together in the scrapbook. Think about how you will lay out everything so that it looks good.  Check out all the photos and memorabilia that you have collected and use the ones that will work best for the theme that you have.

For example, you can mix up the use of flat and bulky items so that there is good balance in the book. You also need to be consistent about the kind of materials that you use. For instance, if you are using stickers or manila paper, ensure that you are using the same ones throughout.

Careful thinking about what to do will ensure that you have a good end product. Also, make sure that you use high quality products, such as quality pens. This ensures that the scrapbook will not get damaged easily.