Content Sharing Judiciously Is An Important Factor In Marketing

By | December 4, 2018

In Instagram marketing, you can share your content once or several times but whatever you do you will have to be judicious in your attempt. This will ensure the best results, more audience, and engagement. Sometimes, sharing content very frequently on Twitter and a bit less frequently on Google+ or Facebook may help a lot and this needs a lot of research and careful monitoring of your progress.

Such decisions must be made on the basis of the individual intricacies that are associated with each network, their reach, and features. Therefore, at times you may feel that a different schedule is required to develop for a different network.

Different things to consider

Apart from that, there are a few other things to consider so that you can make the most out of your marketing efforts.

  • You must never share the same message twice as this will separate you from the spammers who are very unruly. This is a very important step to follow when you share a blog post on social media. You must include a title to the post, a few hashtags, and a link but only once essentially. This is because repetitive use will make your post very monotonous for the followers.
  • Another simple strategy is to add a few simple varieties. You may ask questions or include pull-quotes and others to start a conversion. This will make your tweet unique in its own way and will add a lot of diversity to the final stream.

Make the best efforts to engage with your audience and your content in a great way but make sure that it does not look like you simply want to promote your brand or product.

Adding relevant messages

You may add messages of different types to make your post unique as well. Few of the most common and popular types of messages include:

  • Straight and Easy: Post Title plus Link
  • Share a Quote: Seize a pull-quote from your post and then make it into a social message
  • The Question: Ask users an engaging and interesting question to start a conversation
  • Cite a Fact: Share a figure or fact included in your post or
  • Add Intrigue: Write an eye-catching teaser message that will grab the attention of the readers

All these tactics will provide you will new ideas and try it out to find an excellent way to attract your followers for Instagram and keep them engaged. Most importantly, this process will give you an opportunity to try out alternate headlines.

Optimizing your content

No matter whichever network you use, you must try and optimize your content at any cost. Knowing the fact that each social network has a different strategy to handle the images and text, you must know exactly how much to take into account while creating a message for your network.

  • For this, you will need to know and use the strength of the network in question while you are creating social messages. This will add more value to it. For example, if you are using Google+ as your network then you are allowed to create basic markdown text and a longer copying each post.
  • You can even add bulleted lists regularly and add bold text to our posts. This will not only make your post stand out from the others but will also provide your readers with additional value at the same time.

Ideally, posts that contain images in it are much more noticeable than those posts that are only textual. It is, for this reason, Instagram which is a purely visual platform is so popular a social media network. Therefore, if you want only messages to be more prominent choose Instagram as your platform otherwise you can choose others. However, you can even integrate these with a suitable link as well for better results, traffic, and ROI.

Monitoring your results

Monitoring your results is very important as always and goes without saying. This will enable you to make the necessary changes to your social publishing schedule to make sure that it actually works. However, there are a few specific things that you should watch out for such as:

  • Post activity: There may be a decrease or an increase in post activity when you adjust your social message publishing schedule. Clicks shares, re-tweets, and even your gut feeling will tell you about the changes. You may also use the Analytics tags for this purpose if you want to be absolutely sure about the changes.
  • Negative feedback: Your audiences are the best judge and also impartial one. Therefore, you may sometimes get negative feedback from them though it may be a rare occasion. You must consider these feedbacks carefully but do not let a complaint spoil your good efforts. There are several metrics that you may use to find out whether the schedule is misguided or too aggressive. Check it and act accordingly.
  • Fading interest: Interest in your content will fade out but slowly. This is perhaps the biggest threat to the social feed. If it is ‘too busy’ then it is quite natural that the followers will simply ignore your content. Therefore, make sure that you watch out for the click-through so that you are sure that the interest of your followers in your content is not fading away. If you find so, change it immediately.

If you do all these right then it will surely prove to be worthy for your effort but if you do it wrong then brace yourself for some adverse consequences.

The viral factor

One thing that you may have heard very often is content in the social media going viral. This only happens when the content is shared more than once. All it needs is to bring in heavy traffic to your site or post and for that, you will need to put some extra effort. The content should be unique, classy and appealing. If your content goes viral, there is a significant chance that your traffic will be doubled. Therefore, always choose wisely and be judicious in your choice.