Is vaping good or bad for your health? Let’s find out!

By | December 5, 2018

Vaping becomes the new trend, and there are millions of people who adopted it in the small amount of time period. It is easy to find that vaping mods are available all around the world and popular due to the less harm to the body as compared to the cigarette. Most of the people ask that what are the harms of vaping and is it harmful to vape. Well, if you want to eradicate this doubt and learn about the important things, then this guide can definitely come in handy.

Vaping has its own set of advantages over the traditional cigarettes. If you smoke even 8-10 times in a day using e-cig, the effects will not be so drastic like smoking conventional cigarettes. Now, let’s read some important factors that you should learn before preferring vapes.

Advantages Of Vaping

It is easy to find that Vapes are popular, but these are not that much preferred as cigarette or shisha. So, the first question arrive in mind is about is that why vapes are not popular? Well, if you want to understand it properly, you can focus on the fact that it is expensive. But, the reasons that millions of people adopted vape in the past couple of years are as follow –

  • People who smoke have higher chances of facing issues due to the presence of tobacco. Even, many types of cancer can produce that’s why it is necessary that you must quit smoking permanently as soon as possible. Vaping can help people who smoke too much, and you will be amazed by the fact that vaping is just 5% of a single cigarette. Due to this particular reason, you will find a vape better.


  • Vape contain nicotine, and it is the ingredient behind feeling high and addictive. But, it doesn’t mean that it is the one that produces all the diseases. Most of the studies disagree about the harm of vaping that’s why you can prefer vaping and eradicate all the issues with ease. Keep in mind that a vape is nothing without the e-juice so you should buy e-juice from quality manufacturer to avoid the trouble in future.
  • When people ask smokers that why they prefer cigarette or shisha, then the most common answer is convenience. You can burn a cigarette in one cigarette, and you are ready to take puffs. But, do you know that vaping is way easier. You have to charge vape once, and it is ready to use for the next five hours easily. It is the major reason that you should prefer vaping. It will make you eradicate smoking with ease.


  • There are thousands of flavors to try out, and most of them are impressive for sure. If you are new to vape pods, then you can easily find that you can get flavors which give the same feel of tobacco and it will help to quit the devil and expose you to a good alternative. It is hard in the beginning for people to quit smoking but the vape can help in it, and you can find that it is a reliable option.

These are some of the methods which can help you understand that why vaping is better. There are many other small benefits which can make you prefer it and eradicate all the issues with ease. It is necessary that you buy a quality vape and everything is done after that.

Points to consider

As we mentioned, smoking and vaping are devils for sure but do you know that vaping is negligibly harmful as compared to the smoking. Vaping is 20 times less harmful, but it still has some harmful effects, which can be considered before opting for this option.

  • The vape flavors are expensive as compared to a cigarette but a single flavor can last for a longer time period. People who start vaping turn to a cigarette when the battery is about to die of the vaping pod, and they don’t have flavor.
  • Vape requires a good amount of money for the first time because the quality vapes are available at $71 and more. Due to this particular reason, you have to stay selective during the purchase of vape, and it will make you eradicate all the issues with ease, but some people prefer buying a thousand cigarettes at such a price point.
  • To understand that how devil a vape is, you can check out some of the videos about the side effects of vape on YouTube and those will help you understand that how harmful it is. Most of the videos say that people who don’t smoke or vape should not try vaping also. Because it is also holding fewer disadvantages.
  • Vape contain nicotine which can make you an addict of vaping. Nicotine can make you feel high, and there are many chances that you will not quit vaping ever. Even, many people turn to vaping and don’t leave even after their willpower. Vaping is also hard to quit.
  • The poor quality vape mods have many chances of blasting that’s why it becomes a threat to life. Due to this particular reason, the vape consumers should focus on quality vapes to avoid the trouble.

These are some of the minor reasons which can make you leave vapes also. But, people who smoke weed and tobacco are at the higher risk of diseases that’s why they can opt for vaping and avoid all the trouble with ease.

Bottom line – So, should you vape or not?

The only tip we can suggest to vaper is they should buy quality vape mods and do not vape too many times in a day. A quality e-juice matters a lot that’s why the vape consumer should buy the quality one and avoid cheap products. Hope, this post will help you eradicate all the issues with ease and learning that why vape is better and why vape is harmful. The number of harms is negligible, so there is nothing bad in vaping but if you don’t smoke or vape then never try it in future.