11 Apps that can make your vacation even more worthwhile

By | December 6, 2018

Vacations are one of the most anticipated time of the year. After working nonstop, around the year, it’s only fair to have a little time off to relax, rejuvenate and refresh yourself. Since the holiday season right around the corner, vacation planning and preparations have reached their peaks for a lot of the people. Students are getting time off, relatives are going cross-country to meet the extended family, couples are off to exotic locations for a hideout, and the solo travelers are all excited to see the new places.

Whether you’re on a cross-country road trip, a flight to the opposite end of the planet or going to an exotic holiday, vacation planning has the potential of going berserk for everyone. Whether its over-packing, food cravings in a foreign land or a miscalculation of the exchange rate, the solution to all of these problems can be found by merely reading this article ahead. We have collected 11 apps that can make your vacation even more worthwhile and hassle-free.

1. Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the most popular hospitality services of the time. Their moderated version of a bed and breakfast that is a temporary rental is a fantastic solution for holidays. Apartments, boats, lodges, you name it, and they have it. Airbnb caters you according to your needs, your budget and the activities you’ve planned for the vacation. Their accommodations are family-friendly, pet-friendly and their 24-hour service is a bonus. Download the Airbnb app now to avoid the last-minute hotel booking hassles.

2. Google Translate

The language barrier is a constant issue when you’re traveling to a foreign land. English may see to be the universal language but there often when you cannot communicate to the locals the right way. Imagine getting stuck with an allergic reaction for the rest of your trip only because you were unable to ask the restaurant about your gluten allergy.

Google Translate is your trusted comrade in all language-related problems. You only need to type your message and let Google translate it for you. It gives you the option of vocalizing the words, making it easier for you to communicate the message.

3. Pack Point

Are you too an over-zealous packer? Do you love carrying a plethora of dressing options but you end up wearing only three outfits for the rest of the trip? Or have you ever packed clothes for the wrong weather? Well, you now have a brilliant solution to all of your packing difficulties.

Pack Point is an all-encompassing custom packing list producer that includes your activities for the trip, the weather of the location and also the number of people traveling. You can share your lists with fellow travelers too, to help them sort their packing lists.

4. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is a globally admired travel guide that helps you experience the local taste and culture of your destination. It is ideal for backpackers and low budget traveling. It gives you a set of offline maps and audio clips of basic conversational phrases in a variety of languages. You have an entire minefield of options to explore. The top recommended experiences and restaurants published on their forums have always been the highlight of the trip for countless travelers.,

5. Roadtrippers

Another fantastic app for road trips and low budget travels is the app called Roadtrippers. It has listed millions of local eateries, scenic points, roadside attractions and what not! You can plan the trip on the app or use their website for the same purpose. Create the itinerary and share it with your friends for a hassle-free journey across the United States, Canada, Newzealand, and Australia.

6. Uber

A global staple app in everyone’s phone is the transportation pal called Uber. Their comprehensive cab service that provides different ride options to fit your mood and budget is a blessing in disguise. It helps you travel at ease without worrying sick about any transportation difficulties. From food-delivery to peer-to-peer cab sharing, Uber has an option for everyone.

7. Zomato

The perfect restaurant finder and food delivery option is none other than Zomato. It is a source of solace for vacationers when they want to enjoy their stay at the cozy rental from many cuisines and every restaurant in the city. They deliver the freshest food to your holiday rental without causing you any troubles. Since vacation is the time of absolute relaxation, lazing around the accommodation with a food delivery sounds like the perfect combination!

8. XE Currency

Overspending on vacations is a common problem for a lot of people. Losing track of the currency exchange rates can become a severe problem when you check your bank balance. An easy solution to this is keeping the XE Currency app on your phone to make the conversions on the spot. Stay up to date with the exchange rates while shopping online or at a store. The app is compatible with Android devices as well as Apple products.

9. AirG reviews

Are you one of those vacationers who like to spend their vacations solo? Within the soothing confines of a comfy house watching movies and interacting with people virtually? AirG reviews are your best friend here. Their range of different chatting apps is a brilliant way to spend your time relaxing at your home and making new acquaintances in a safe space.

10. TripIt

TripIt is a one-stop shop for all things travel-related. From flight plans to travel guides, recommendations everything is available on the app. it helps you save roaming charges by saving your desired information offline. TripIt is like the perfect personal assistant that is always a step ahead to have the best, hassle-free vacation!

11. Tinder

Tinder may not precisely be the vacationing app, but it can surely spice up your trip. You can get the chance to let a local poet show you the real romance of Paris or get an accountant to show you the magic of New York. Or even an English lady could show you the most excellent things London has to offer! Go ahead and Tinder your way on foreign land. Perhaps you could end up with the love of your life. There’s no harm in trying!

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