Considerations when buying a packing tape

By | December 7, 2018

While doing packaging, the last thing you find to be worried about is packing tape. However, you would be surprised to know that it is a very important and critical part of the process. A wrong selection of packing tape can lead to adverse impacts such as product damage or reputation damage in front of your customers. There is also an increased risk of theft if there is some issue in the packaging.

Do you only think of which one to choose between a clear tape and a brown packing tape while buying one? Then, it is important to realize that there are many other factors as well that need to be considered before picking the right packing tape for your goods.

Grades: There is a range of grades depending on the adhesive thickness. You have to select the correct grade as per the size and type of good you want to pack in it. Other things that need to be thought of, is the environment in which the package will be kept and the production.

Type of product: There different types of packing tapes available. Your choice is also dependent on the type of product you want to pack in it. Every option has some specific advantages and disadvantages.

Application Method: Either one would use a manual process where tape would be applied by hand or automated where the carton is sealed by an automatic sealer. For manual process, tapes that have good grip and strong film backing are preferred. In the automated process, tapes that are easy to unwind can be the best choice.

Quality: Always choose a good quality tape as it has better adhesion strength and it delivers the durability you require to stay longer.

Hot Melt Polypropylene Tape

As discussed above, this one is the cheapest option among all. Undoubtedly, a polypropylene can be helpful for packing stuff in cardboard boxes. But, it won’t be able to cope up with extreme temperatures. The color of the tape will also start turning yellow with time. If your packages don’t have to go a long way or pass through places with extreme temperatures, Polypropylene is not a bad choice.

Water Based Acrylic Tape

As compared to hot melt tape, this one is a relatively expensive. However, this one has a couple of extra benefits that include it can stick not to cardboard but also plastics, wood, glass, and metal. There is neither discoloration issue nor does it lose its grip in extreme weather. Acrylic Tape is generally used for food packaging. Also, this tape has a long shelf life.

Solvent Based Tape

This type of tape is pretty expensive one but it has a very aggressive adhesion. This can put up with humidity and different other weather conditions. Also, the solvent-based tape is perfect for uneven surfaces. It turns yellow more quickly with time than the other types of tapes.

3M Scotch tape

It is the most popular one among the rest as it’s a known brand. It is a perfect fit for regular packaging but for a long-term packaging or extreme temperatures it won’t work well.

Low Noise Tape

As the name suggested, this tape makes less noise and is used at a small office where the warehouse is close to the main office. People, who don’t want their operations’ noise to be very noticeable or want a quieter workplace, choose this tape. Nonetheless, people often complain that it’s sticking efficiency is not as good as the standard tape.

Vinyl Tape

This tape is known for its durability and can be used for long-term storage. The vinyl tape also shows resistance to damp conditions and chemical. Also known as insulating tape, it is used for electrical wires. The tape is expensive but there are many advantages of using this tape such as it can be easily torn by hand.

Glass Reinforced Filament Tape

Unlike Vinyl tape, you cannot tear this tape very easily. It is a heavy duty tape that is used for plastics and metals. If the carton has to be carried from one place to another, Glass Reinforced Filament Tape will keep the package stable for a long time.

These are some of the factors and types of tapes that you need to consider before buying a packing tape. Remember, the right type of tape can secure your goods. If your products are packaged well, you’ll be able to deliver what you promised to your client, thus leads to stronger trust and customer relationship.

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