Top 3 Guidelines On Getting The Best Hidden Voice Recorder For A Spy

By | December 8, 2018

There are many ways people can make a living. Some have chosen to be entrepreneurs yet some are comfortable being employed. Among the many job opportunities available, some have chosen to be spies and they are making a good living out of it. As a matter of fact they are happy with what they do. Being happy with what you do is one reason that will always get you out of bed and work, this is according to The other motivational reason is what you benefit from it. As a spy you get a lot of benefits.

Depending on what you are investigating, you get to interact with different people and at the same time you get to learn their character. However being a spy isn’t as smooth as many might think. It has its own challenges. One of the challenges include getting spy items that you use. A good example is a hidden voice recorder. You need to have guidelines on the specifics of the voice recorder before you can buy it. Some of the specifications you should look at include;

  • Sound format

How many audio file formats do you know? This is a question that every spy should have in mind when going to buy a voice recorder. Wave form audio and MP3 are the most common audio formats. However you need to get a voice recorder that is compatible with the audio file you want. These audio files always differ with the clarity and sound quality. Thus it is very important you decide on the type of sound you want then go buy your voice recorder. This is because the audio file formats also differ in size. Thus, you need to find a sound format that occupies the least space.

  • Storage and cost

One of the major attributes of a good voice recorder is that it must have adequate memory. The storage space available determines how many files you can store in the voice recorder. The more the storage capacity, the better. Other than the quality, the storage will always play a big role in determining the price. You need to be careful on how much you spent on the voice recorder. That is why you need a budget to help and guide you. You need something that is affordable. Something that will not stretch you financially. That is why you might consider comparing prices before deciding on the most affordable.

  • Power and size

You need to remember that this item is going to be hidden. The reality of being a spy is that you need to focus on being as stealthy as possible without being noticed. So you need to a voice recorder that can store power for a very long time. You don’t want to be using a power bank to charge it while it is still recording. So you should always get a permanent solution when it comes to how much battery power it needs. In addition you should consider getting a recorder that is pocket-sized. The smaller the better. You can have a look at what spy centre’s 2018 list is offering before you make your decision.

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