How to Use Instagram for Boosting Your E-commerce Business

By | December 9, 2018

Based on the findings of Adweek, the picture-sharing site Instagram has 300 million users, 60 percent of which belong to the age bracket of 18 and 34 years. The photo-sharing platform had zero business-oriented features, but things are changing. Of late, some of the strategic updates could result in a significant shift for Instagram. The all-new features together with the platform’s current layout could transform this platform into a robust selling tool for online storeowners.

According to an article published on, Instagram introduced a unique shopping feature on its image-sharing app for providing users with a happy shopping experience. Therefore, if you are contemplating to boost your e-commerce marketing through Instagram, here are some creative ways to do it:

Show Photos of Customers Using Your Products

Attract audience attention with images of customers using your products. If reputed eyeglass brands can use this tactic, why not you? You might be wondering what photos to use. Well, if you have an online eyeglass store, you can ask your customers to share pictures of the branded sunglasses they would use in a trip abroad. Again, if you sell women’s fancy bags online, high-resolution images of a woman flaunting her bag will attract attention. All you need is try out some innovative ideas and make the most of Instagram to market your e-commerce business.

Include High-Quality Instagram Images

Do you sell online costume or fashion jewelry? If yes, you can start an Instagram campaign. Integrate a widget on the home page to show images of beautiful women wearing eye-catching jewelry. When a prospective customer clicks on the picture, a pop-up window will show displaying the fashion jewelry within the image, with an URL to your e-commerce site’s product page. Try this method, and you will get numerous followers for Instagram. You will be surprised to see the results. You can design a customized widget or use third-party tools to incorporate Instagram pictures into your e-commerce site using a free widget creator.

Integrate Lifestyle Images

Display your online products using lifestyle images reminding customers of real-life surroundings. It is a very popular method used by leading brands because online shoppers get an idea as to how they can use any branded merchandise. For example, if you sell branded garments, you can show a woman wearing a gorgeous black dress in a party setting.

Experiment with a Contest

You can run contests to engage users on Instagram. For example, you can run a contest featuring a high-resolution image of a flower vase. Ask Instagram users to follow your business and tag five friends in the comments section. Your business can then pick a winner from the numerous entries. However, do not forget to add a contest-specific hashtag with every campaign.


Instagram is all about creativity. Therefore, use your imagination to tell stories through images. The use of high-quality photos makes the platform the most powerfultosell your products online. Instagram is clutter-free with a brief call-to-action, making it the best tool to take your e-commerce business to the next level.