11 reasons why pregnant women love grapefruit!

By | December 12, 2018

Food plays a major role in our lives; it keeps us up all day running all our routine errands. It acts as a fuel to our body in providing the energy supply that our body needs. In other words, it is one of the basic constituents that ensure our living. So it becomes more important to ensure that we consume healthy food to stay strong and live long. Such criteria become much more important to women in times of pregnancy. This article is all about the health benefits of grapefruit during pregnancy times.

What is a grapefruit?

Grapefruit belongs to the citrus family. It is a cross mix of orange and the pomelo. It is rich in vitamins and all the essential nutritional contents making it healthy and safe for pregnant women. The fruit contains calcium, Potassium, B complex vitamins which are more essential for the growth of the baby. However, the only thing that needs the immediate attention of people is that how these fruits are grown. It is always preferable to choose the organic varieties that are grown in a more natural environment. Care must be taken to wash them before consuming them because any unwashed fruit may contain some microbes which could result in certain illness.

Juices are 100% safe

Most of us would prefer juices rather than consuming the raw fruit. It saves work and time. However, make sure that fruits are 100% natural. Always prefers homemade grapefruits ad avoid any packaged juices.

Women tend to suffer great pains both physically and mentally during pregnancy. This grapefruit plays a great role in avoiding such numerous health issues. So one might even say it is a life saver!

Following are the best reasons that why pregnant women should prefer grapefruit for a healthy delivery.

1) Controls preeclampsia:

Preeclampsia refers to the premature separation of the Placenta from the uterus. This would result in rupturing of the liver, heavy bleeding and could also result in death (rare cases). Grapefruit controls the blood pressure issues thereby minimizing the possibilities of such premature separation.

2) Improves sleep:

Pregnant women tend to suffer from insomnia (a sleeping disorder) more often. This grapefruit when taken before the bedtime could improve sleeping.

3) Reduces cholesterol:

Increased cholesterol level could result in some serious health issues. This grapefruit contains the substance called Lycopene along with high fiber and water. This keeps the cholesterol level in check.

4) Controls body weight:

Increased body weight is a more common phenomenon during pregnancy. However this grapefruit limits or suppresses the immediate weight gain ensuring good health of the mother.

5) Avoids Anemia:

Pregnant women tend to get anemic due to insufficient intake of the bodily nutrients. As the grapefruit is rich in vitamins and proteins it greatly reduces the possibilities of Anemia.

6) Treats indigestion and heartburn:

As the uterus increases in size, the other body parts crave for more space. This could also result in some complications such as indigestion and the heartburns. The fruit contains the substance called D-limonene that contains Gastric and the acid neutralizing properties that reduce heartburns and other gastrointestinal problems.

7) Prevents Asthma:

Vitamin-rich food products like Grapefruit could greatly reduce the risk of asthma during the pregnancy with its Lycopene and other vital nutrients. This becomes quite important as the baby could develop such health issues later if the mother has it.

8) Improves immunity:

As the grapefruit is rich in vitamin c it improves the body’s immune levels and provides protection against common infections like cold & flu.

9) Hydration and treating constipation:

Staying hydrated is must especially during the times of pregnancy. The body needs a great amount of water. Grapefruit contains a higher water content of about (91%) when compared to other fruits thereby serving the best remedy for dehydration. The fruit also contains high dietary fiber it proves to be more effective in terms of treating constipation.

10) Strengthens bones:

Grapefruit contains a high level of calcium which when consumed could increase bone density and strengthen it. So it is advisable for pregnant women to take grapefruit on a regular basis as it could prove helpful to both mother and the child.

11) Controls diabetes:

Many women tend to suffer from gestational diabetes during the time of pregnancy. This could result in increased body sugar level and body weight. Grapefruit has a low sugar level which helps in reducing the sugar level in the body thereby increasing the insulin resistance. As mentioned earlier, regular consumption of the grapefruit could also reduce the excess body weight.

These are some of the health benefits of grapefruit during pregnancy which could greatly improve the health of the mother and the infant.