5 Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make

By | December 13, 2018

From the beginning, no blogger is ever perfect. Even bloggers with expertise still make mistakes. At times, it can take a few months of failure before you start seeing success. The majority of professionals doing blogging make a few of the mistakes mentioned here when creating their first blog. In case you are making any of the errors below, try correcting them the soonest to see success.

1. Not Electing the Right Niche

It is common for bloggers to select the wrong niche when launching their blogs. Part of the reason is that they either did not think over it or did not know what they were investing into from the first time they began blogging. It the long run, they realize that they do not enjoy writing content for that niche and the blogs fail. This is a waste of time. To prevent this, select the right niche from the beginning or switch to the right niche immediately.

2. Not Selecting the Right Hosting service

You hosting service provider plays a crucial role in the success of your blog. Selecting the wrong one may lead to the following things; poor customer support, lack of the desired features, a lot of site downtime, low security, and a slow site. All this can lead to the search engine ranking of the website to go down.

From the experience of using different sites, you need to research on the service that gives you the best when it comes to the hosting service. You need to use a host that you can recommend to your friends because the site is always online. If you choose a particular web host, they should be willing to help you transfer from your previous host and be running on their servers immediately.

3. Not taking starting steps of post-blogging

After starting the blog, blogging beginners jump into publishing and writing posts without doing necessary things first. The things they do include submitting the sitemap, creating a Google Analytics account, creating automatic site backups, and much more. You have to construct the right foundation before coming up with posts. You have to make sure that you take crucial steps after launching the blog for you to be in the right success path.

4. Not putting the focus on quality

This is the most ordinary blogging mistake people make and it deals with all blogging aspects. Whether it is to grow followers on social media, writing blogs, or getting traffic, beginners have to strive for quantity on top of quality, and that is what you should not do. Who cares if you possess one hundred thousand followers if only five thousand engage with posts? What if you have one thousand visits on the blog when fifty of them care about the content you share? Why write ten poor articles in the place of three quality and engaging articles? You need to focus on quality since it will help grow the blog.

5. Selling Deprived of Reputation

Blogging beginners try making money immediately after starting their blogs, but the problem is that they do not yet have a reputation and that is why they are not getting sales. It takes some time to construct a positive reputation. You can do this with time by writing articles, interacting with the audience on social platforms, and replying to comments. It helps to be honest since readers buy more from the people they trust. In case you are not getting many sales, there is no need of getting worried. Concentrate on building reputation and income will grow with time.


It is not advisable to use specialized plugins or features in your theme because it may lead to problems shortly when you decide to change it. The mistakes are above are the ones you need to avoid when you want to be successful in blogging. Make sure you do enough research before deciding or launching a blogging site.

Author Bio: Mashum is a Blogger, Entrepreneur & Online Marketing Expert. He is the co-founder and chief marketing officer at Blogger Outreach, the company that provides Blogger Outreach Services. Mashum is the founder of Online Marketing Tools