A Perfect Christmas Ensemble

By | December 13, 2018

What plans do you have for the holiday season? You can fly somewhere you think you can solemnly reflect and recollect on the nativity like Bethlehem, or maybe overwhelm yourself with a festive ambiance in a city draping with snow and Christmas decors like Helsinki. But if you think your lighted white Christmas tree ornamented with cute little teddy bears and Christmas balls at home deserve a companion throughout the holiday break, then home would definitely be the perfect place to celebrate the season. Here are some tips to help you make that simple celebration A Perfect Christmas Ensemble at home.

The Christmas Venue

If your living room, dining area and garden have been overly used for different events for many years now, why not try something new and different this year like setting up sailcloth tent at your front or backyard? It’s a tent made from lightweight sailcloth fabric that will allow natural warm toned light for day events and a comfy glow when lit during nighttime events. In order to get the best look of the venue with the use of sailcloth tent, take note of the following:

Pick the right size that would fit in your yard and accommodate the number of guests you expect to come
Choose from the different types of lights: perimeter lights, bistro lights, nautical onion lanterns, japanese lanterns, candelabra, stage lighting and flood lighting.
Also, make sure that your events provider’s sailcloth tent is waterproof in case it pour on Christmas day

The Christmas Meal Plan

Have You been preparing the same Christmas menu for a decade now? Well, it’s time to give your palate a different taste this year’s Christmas eve dinner.

Free yourself from too much stress of long cooking by preparing easy to make menus like Deviled eggs with smoked paprika, fresh green herb and bacon toppings, and couple it with a mayo and cheese dip
Make a twist on your Medieval tradition by creating tartlets with spinach, feta cheese and fresh dill in a crunchy phyllo dough shell
Give good ol’ turkey a break and pave the way for smoky ham glazed in fruity apricot and garnished with pineapple bits and apple slices
Pasta, of course should be included on the menu, but leave that classic red or white sauce for awhile and spice up your pasta with spanish sardines in olive oil, parmesan, and top it with the colors of the season – red paprika and fresh basil

Make It A Crafty Christmas

Shining, shimmering Christmas balls, little snowflakes and sweet candy canes have brought you so much fun since you were a kid, and memories too, which you might find hard to let go this Christmas season. Well, if you don’t wanna keep them in the tidy box, give them some nice new company like the decors below:

Those cute little teddy bears inside your kiddo’s toybox, small memorabilias like key chains or the ribbons from the gifts you received from your or other family members’ last birthday are all gonna be so pleasing to see hanging on your Christmas tree
You can also shred some styrofoam that would look like snow and just sprinkle them over your indoor potted ornamental plants to create a snowy theme
While the outdoors would look very Christmasy with mason jars with Christmas lights inside and a mistletoe around, aligned along the pavement or randomly adorned among the plants in the garden.

At home having dinner with your dear ones in a nicely lit backyard with a little Christmas tree on the corner is A Perfect Christmas Ensemble.

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