How can Businesses improve the quality of Customer Service?

By | December 15, 2018

In this modern era, it is believed that the quality of customer service is the factor on which the success rate of any business depends. It is so because 86% of customers are likely to buy products/services continuously after getting better support experience. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every business owner to provide splendid solutions during support service interactions.

Wondering whether it is really important to provide prodigious support service or not? Here are some stats that will clear all your doubts regarding the same:

• 33% of customers decide to switch to other company after just a single instance of poor support experience.

• 7 out of 10 customers say that they prefer to do more business after getting a superb support service.

• 66% of customers say positive words about business after getting satisfactory resolutions promptly.

Generally, business owners take the help of BPO outsourcing companies to render support service. But businesses can also deliver quality customer service on their own if they take the following suggestions into consideration.

• By keeping support agents happy

The most effective way to improve the quality of customer service is ‘Keeping support agents happy.’ This factor can really do wonders for businesses that are running an in-house call centre because if support agents are happy with their job, they will surely do their best during customer service interactions. Consequently, this would lift the customer experience, which, in turn, leads to the buttressed brand image.

Besides, keeping support service reps contented would keep the hassle of agent turnover at bay, which ensures better stability for the business.

Here’re some measures that recognized BPO outsourcing companies take to keep their support agents happy:

• Fun activities get conducted during the free time so as to bring the freshness to the workplace.

• An additional training always gets offered to those agents who are facing problems during customer interactions.

• Agents are at liberty to take crucial decisions while interacting with customers. This, as a positive consequence, lifts the former’s confidence level.

In a nutshell, customer service reps should be kept happy in order to ameliorate the quality of customer service.

• By providing what customers really want

Generally, customers appreciate support service when everything goes their way during the interaction with agents. Whenever customers contact a company regarding support service, they often want satisfactory resolutions as soon as possible. However, when customers are kept waiting for a long time regarding reliable solutions, it ruins the support service experience, which, in turn, leads to increased negative WOM.

Therefore, it is extremely important for businesses to reduce the average hold time, of course, not at the cost of support service interactions quality.

“How to reduce the average hold time without compromising with the quality of customer service?”

Here’re some tips to remember:

• Give customer service reps first-class training so that they can solve issues without taking much time during support interactions.

• Always manage support agents according to the traffic of support service cases.

• Provide comprehensive knowledge base to customer service reps so that they can render faster resolutions.

Note: If there are intricate issues to solve, customers should be informed about the progress at regular intervals.

• By learning from previous mistakes

Oftentimes, companies approach BPO outsourcing companies to render customer service. But the question that arises here is ‘How do recognised BPO organisations provide an enhanced level of support service every time?’

After going through several industry reports, we have finally got the answer that is BPO firms always study survey results closely so that they can weed out the hidden ambiguities from their support service. Owing to this, they ensure the deliverance of splendid support service experience during customer interactions, which consequently, consolidates the business’s reputation.

Thus, it is vitally important for businesses (that are running an in-house call centre) to give attention to negative comments that they’ve got after conducting surveys regarding the quality of support service.

• By simply making FCR the primary target

Usually, companies fail to deliver prodigious customer service owing to the intention of reducing AHT (average handle time). The most cited reason why companies put more focus on reducing AHT is that they want to handle maximum customer service queries in a day. From the business’s point of view, it seems fine.

But the factor that creates a problem is not striving to achieve high FCR (first contact resolution). Not securing high FCR rate simply means inviting the problem of customer turnover.

It is so because if support agents don’t solve issues from the root, customers have to contact repeatedly regarding the resolution of the same problem. This leads to anger and frustration, and these results in customer defection. Hence, it is imperative to make FCR the primary target.