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By | December 17, 2018

It is quite unfortunate to see these days that around one-third of the teens are either obese or overweight. Teenagers are often known for skipping meals as much as around 1/3 of the average teen’s calorie intake comes right from the snacks they are munching in. they always reach out for the snacks, which are easily available to them. Therefore, it is always mandatory for keeping the pantry and fridge tight up and sealed with some healthy snacks instead. It will help them to get food and math their hunger, without indulging into unwanted or unhealthy snacks.

Balance the nutrition first:

Always remember that teens are in need of more calories when compared to the younger kids out there. There is not a fixed nutritional value for teens of all ages. Depending on the age and gender, the calorie intake is subject to change. So, before you get some fun snacks for the tens out there it is mandatory to head for balancing the nutrition first.

  • The teenage boys within the age group of 11 and 13 will need an average of around 1800 to 2600 calories every day.
  • For the teenage girls within the same age group, the calories will be 1800 to 2200 per day.
  • In terms of the teenage boys within 14 to 18 years, the average calorie intake will increase to 2200 to 3200 per day.
  • For the teenage girls out there of the same age bracket, the calorie intake on an average is from 1800 to 2400 per day.

For some more details in this regard, you are asked to check out for the US Department of the health and human services recommendations. You can get one from the center of your choice now.

Have to prioritize the complex carbs:

Complex carbs are known to provide the energy, which will definitely last for long. It helps you with the energy and digestion that you are looking for. Nutritionists will always recommend that teens’ calories intake comprises of complex carbs by around 50 to 60 percentage. You need to be aware of the best sources of carbs, which you might want to incorporate in the snack sector now.

  • Always be sure to add some freshly bought or picked up fruits for your teens, which will work out pretty well on multiple cases.
  • Make sure to add some starch-based veggies in the list for the teen’s snacks too, like corn or potatoes.
  • Other than that, there should be a limited pantry full of green vegetables, which they have to eat.
  • Apart from that, you can work out on the whole grains, beans and definitely some legumes like soy, peas, and peanuts to be added in the list.

Always remember that every form of food that you are planning to keep for your teens should be within the restricted amount. Not anyone should be more than the rest as it might damage the damage then well and you don’t want that to happen, right?

Time for some good fats now:

Always remember that a teen’s diet should comprise less than 30% for fat. Fats are designed to help absorb vitamins, which will include Vitamin A, D, E, and K.

  • The unsaturated fats are always the best options so far. These are available in foods like nuts, olives, nut butter, olive oil, avocado, anchovies, and salmon.
  • The jury is also still out on the saturated fat as well. Some experts might state that they can lead to increased rates of heart diseases, and others might say it is okay to have saturated fat in moderation of course. As per the generalized thoughts, experts will agree that a limited amount of whole milk and red meat can be marked okay, only when paired with fiber, veggies and healthy fat.
  • The bad ones over here, which should be avoided has to be the trans-fat. They are mostly found in some of the commercially based baked items, box mixes and even in fried food items. You can always spot those fats by just looking for the partially hydrogenated oils.

Opt for dairy products, which are low fat in nature:

These low fat based dairy items are perfect for increasing the health of your bones and also encouraging stronger teeth. These points are important for a proper teen growth to be honest. Always try to store some low fat based dairy products in your house like cheese, low-fat milk, cottage cheese, yogurt and more.

  • There are some experts, who might be now recommending whole fat milk instead of the low-fat ones, mainly for younger children.
  • However, some agree that the skim milk or low fat is always a better option for teens, mainly if they are suffering from obesity at such a tender age.
  • Whether you are planning to choose the whole or low-fat milk items, always be sure to emphasize mostly on dairy items over the sugary beverages or snacks for your kids right now.

Provide some dishes full of proteins for your kids:

You are always advised to provide lean proteins to the teens, just to help them cope up with daily work and play and some more. These lean proteins are perfect for helping teens in building muscles and strengthen their present immune systems very well. Some of the best options of lean proteins over here are fish, turkey, chicken, and legumes. You better try to avoid the red meat in this regard as that might not work out that great for the team over here now.

Log online and read more:

The points mentioned already are enough to create that perfect dietary routine for your kids out there, especially the teens. Filling your pantry or the fridge with these items will definitely help you a lot. If you need some more help in this regard, make sure to log online and get help already. Research through some of the best products and then select the one you want.