Choosing the Best Among Central Park Sight-Seeing Opportunities in NYC

By | December 18, 2018

Central Park is a well-known tourist destination located at Manhattan, New York City. As of late, Central Park is one of the most visited urban parks in the USA with more than 40 million visitors coming here a year. Adding to its charm, Central Park also framed in many of the renowned movies too. The area covered by Central Park is about 843 acres or 314 hectors.

Central Park was established back in 1857. Construction of the Central Park structured began in 1858, and the first portion of the park was opened to the public in the same year. The construction of Central Park North continued even during the time of the US Civil War of the 1860s, and expansion of the park area into its current size was done by 1873. Many areas of Central Park were refurbished in the 1980s and 90s to form it to the current state of being.

Back in 1963, Central Park was also designated as a National Historic Landmark by the U.S. Department of the Interior. In April 2017, it also secured a place in the tentative list of World Heritage sites by UNESCO. The park is now administered by the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. The major attractions at Central Park and surroundings include.

The Arsenal | Belvedere Castle | Metropolitan Museum of Art | Diana Ross Playground | Bethesda Terrace and Fountain | Mall | Burnett Memorial Fountain | Carousel | Ballplayers House | Delacorte Theater | Blockhouse | Fort Clinton | Marionette Theatre | Lasker Rink | Harlem Meer and Dana Discovery Center |  Victorian Gardens | Pug Hill | McGowan’s Pass | Rumsey Playfield | Tavern on the Green | Wollman Rink | Central Park Zoo. Let’s further explore a few of the major attractions for site seers at Central Park.

  1. Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo is a major attraction to visitors of all category. More than a million visitors from all over flock here to spend some quality time. There are 130 species of inhabitants at this 6.5-acre zoo. You can find the snow leopard Allison Maher Stern at the rocky landscape replication the snowy mountains of Central Asia. Also, don’t miss out the penguin house to see the waddling penguins and you may also spot some king penguins out there.

The California sea lion pups you may meet here are so adorable. Children can have a great time observing the jungle frogs, Surinam toads, poison-dart frogs, and any other little critters of the woods. There is also a giant ant farm here to gain a better insight into the awesome ant life. Another attraction is the Tisch Children’s Zoo which hosts about 30 species of goats, cows, and other pets.

  1. Central Park Boat House

During the 1858 landscaping plan, designer Frederick Law Olmsted and his colleague Calvert Vaux added many architectural features to the Central Park. In 1874, Vaux designed a wonderful two-story boathouse, which is at the eastern side of the lake. The tourists can book boat rides here and also purchase some refreshment. It is also funded to watch the boats across the lake simply.

The wooden structure of this Victorian building with a sloped mansard burned down once back in the 1950s, and the current boathouse was constructed. Now the boathouse visitor may enjoy a cozy meal anytime and also benefit from the overhead heating, which extends the pleasure of fine dining on the deck with a panoramic view of them.

  1. Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle is another picnic spot suggested by The castle contains many exhibit rooms with a lot of valuables and an observation deck. Since the year 1919, it also serves as the official weather station of Central Park. Belvedere Castle was also designed Olmsted and Vaux back in late 19th century.

The meaning of ‘Belvedere’ (Italian) is “beautiful view.”

The castle is an architectural marvel with a fine mix of Romanesque and Gothic styles. Vaux also designed a granite structure and Manhattan schist alongside the corner tower having a conical cap. However, to reduce the cost, this structure was revised in 1870 and then reconstructed under Tammany Hall as a wood pavilion. The major attractions in the castle are Delacorte Theater, Turtle Pond, Henry Luce Nature Observatory, Great Lawn, and the Ramble at either side of the balconies.

  1. Statue of Alice in Wonderland

This status is dedicated to children and was constructed by George Delacorte, who made in memory of his wife who was fond of reading Alice in Wonderland to their children. The large life-size bronze figures of the status are for children to climb on and enjoy. You can simply let your children get relieved at this spot and then join them at the mushroom. Also read through the engraved verses from the Lewis Carroll poem “Jabberwocky,” lining the sculpture. You may also simply meander across the nearby Conservatory Water, and from the benches, you can calmly watch the miniature sailboats sailing across.

  1. Central Park Sheep Meadow

The 15-acres of lush green Sheep Meadow is located towards alongside the southwestern end of the park. This is known as the Quiet Zone of the park, where no alcohol and organized sports are allowed. The pets here are prohibited technically and the audible music of verboten, which help lure crowds by making the meadows an ideal spot for those who want to relax.

  1. Conservatory Garden

The serene Conservatory Garden is another quiet zone at Central Park. So if you bring the family there, make sure that your kids abstain from any activities like running, biking, playing competitive sports, or making much noise. Visitors to Central Park tend to flock in this area during springtime to witness the gorgeous displays of tulip and during the autumn season to view the charm of chrysanthemums.

Apart from these, the performances at the Shakespeare in the Park and also many another hidden wonder of the Central Park too attract the visitors here. The guided walks by are also a hit among the domestic and international tourists. You can also enjoy a horseback ride to explore the Central Park wonders. The Park enthralls with activities throughout the year.