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By | December 19, 2018

Label Ales is a well known name in Cape Town for thermal printing of label barcodes and printers. Their expertise lies in supplying high-quality thermal printers for printing various information on generic labels, barcodes and labels. They are expert brokers and suppliers of thermal label barcode printers known for selecting only the best printers and ribbon for various label substrates. The company have catered high-quality and correct printers for their client’s application as per their requirements for years. Now, they are offering cost-effective in-house printing solutions to several industries and manufacturers.

Some of the signature services that differentiate Label Ales from other manufacturers and suppliers in the thermal printer industry include:

1. Printing Trials:
Label Ales have an unsurpassed collection of different label types ready for application for their client’s needs. Some of them are, polyprop, matt, semi-gloss, dairy film and many other varnished labels. These ribbons undergo wide-ranging trials to obtain different label types.

2. Thermal Label Barcode Printer Rentals:
Label Ales services are not solely meant for bigger printing errands, they also extend their services to match the need of smaller printing runs. By making use of the thermal label barcode printer rental option, they support in-house printing in case of small ventures.

3. Label Bureau:
The labelling department of Label Ales specialises in printing various information on blank labels and on generic labels that are either supplied by the client or the label bureau themselves.

Label Ales are proud to showcase advanced barcode printers and ribbons for the complete satisfaction of their clients. Some popular products include:

  • CITIZEN CL-S621 & CITIZEN CL S700: These products are famed for their hi-lift feature for easy media loading on selected ribbons, vertical opening and safe closing.
  • G300: This one is a compact desktop printer for economical 4-inch thermal transference that has a 0.5-inch ribbon core.
  • RT700: This a smart barcode printer that is famous for its reliable printing which uses a 1-inch wide and 300M ribbon core.
  • RIBBONS: Label Ales also provides a wide range of thermal transfer ribbons made of different materials such as wax, wax resin, good quality near the edge of ribbons, various laundry ribbons and resin colour ribbons.

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About Label Ales:
Label Ales are expert brokers and suppliers of thermal label barcode printers for various thermal printing applications. They meet their client’s printing requirements with their dedicated services, high-tech products and thermal ribbons, with years of experience behind them.

113 Blaauwberg Road, Corner of Donkin Street
Table View, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
Tel: 021 556 5736