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By | December 19, 2018

The Organic Vegan is popular as the first 100% online vegan supermarket which is based in Cape Town, South Africa. The founders of the company were passionate about vegan food and believed in changing the way of thinking of so many people, who are still not comfortable with vegan food. It is their endeavour, to support the independent and local companies in South Africa. The company, through its products aims to give their customers confidence and comfort, understand that all products offered by the company are cruelty-free and totally plant-based.

The company understands the importance of using environment-friendly products. It strives to promote all these products as well as companies/businesses which wish to make a change. One of the many objectives of The Organic Vegan is to reduce the impact on the environment.

Vegan Products Offered by the Company:

Fresh Food: 
Nothing can be better or healthier than fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. All food products available online is sourced completely fresh, from local farmers. Products which are certified can be easily found on the website, so that users can make an informed purchase. Farmers in Cape Town offer fresh produce and that too in abundance, so there will never be a shortage of fresh food.

Food Cupboard:
This is an interesting section where users can find a huge assortment of fresh food which is completely safe to consume. Some common products include bread, biscuits, cookies, cakes/muffins, chocolates, condiments & cereals to name a few. Dairy products include milk, yoghurt, ice cream, and cheese to name a few. Food items are totally fresh, they are prepared with fresh raw materials and are totally cruelty-free. (Increased the font size to 11 for this paragraph)

Cleaning Products:
Cleaning products are often harmful due to the presence of toxic chemicals. The Organic Vegan offers great relief to all individuals who are looking for good quality cleaning products. Cleaning products offered by the company include cleaning sprays, stain-treaters, laundry liquid, multi cleaner concentrate citrus fresh, air fresheners, bathroom & toilet cleaners, and many more products. All products are completely safe to use and will not cause allergic reactions.

Health & Beauty Products:
The Organic Vegan online supermarket also offers several health and beauty products for users. Some of the most common products available include teen face washes, body washes, shampoos, moisturisers, skin foods, and other products.

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About the Company:
The Organic Vegan is your online supermarket, offering 100% cruelty-free products. The company offers a variety of vegan food products, health & beauty products, and cleaning products among other things. All the fresh food available online is sourced from the local farmers mainly and are completely fresh guaranteed.

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Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
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