South Africa’s Leading Coal Distribution Company

By | December 26, 2018

Omni Energy Consultants is a dedicated supplier of household and bulk coal to the industrial and commercial sectors in South Africa. The company is committed to providing efficient services and high-quality products. The Company always strives to source and supply better quality products to their clients. They also conduct researches and participate in many initiatives that are aimed at developing the energy and fuel industries.

Bulk Coal – Omni Energy Consultants cater to the high demand for coal in South Africa by supplying bulk coal in various grades and formats to many industries like the cement and steel industries. They provide two variants of bulk coal – unwashed and washed. The primary types of coal that they supply include duff, slurry, spiral, peas, grains and nuts. The company is mainly engaged in the supply of Grade A coal that is needed in many industries that use coal-burning boilers. They are also leaders in the supply of coal peas where high volumes are required.

Household Coal – Omni Energy is greatly recognised for its immense experience in the household fuels industry. They have been providing high-end heating solutions to South African households in two ways:

  • Anthracite Coal: Anthracite is one of the hardest natural coal that is rich in carbon content and features a low amount of volatile matter. This makes it a great choice for metallurgical processes in manufacturing industries. Anthracite Coal also has a variety of uses in households, being widely used for heating and in ovens. Omni Energy supplies anthracite coal in bags weighing 10kg, 25kg and 40kg for domestic applications.
  • Wood Pellets: Wood Pellets are the most commonly used variant of pellet fuel. It is used for power generations, cooking and residential and commercial heating too. They are an excellent choice for domestic applications and room heating as it is a cost-effective and energy-efficient fuel. They offer a high burning rate at low costs and serve as a great alternative for coal, gas, oil and firewood. Wood pellets are available in 10kg, 25kg and 40kg bags at Omni Energy.

Coal Transportation – Omni Energy is one of the leading coal transporters of South Africa. They take advantage of the country’s extensive network of railways to transport coal to the major cities and countryside. They strive to offer a steady and timely transportation service without any loss of element. For the areas that are not accessible by rail, Omni Energy offers transportation of coal by road. They provide both the options to their clients at affordable prices, transporting both household and bulk coal.

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About the Company:
Omni Energy Consultants is a leading coal distribution company in South Africa. It caters to the energy requirements of many South African industries and households. The company specialises in distributing coal by road and rail.

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