Best Pet Care Business Scheduling Software

By | January 8, 2019

When throwing it back to your childhood memories, have you ever had the feeling of owning a pet of your own someday and taking care of it like your baby? or have you ever gazed at the glassy stores that had winged creatures greeting you? or have you ever rubbed the chin of pups and they followed you home? or have you ever presented a fanciful dress to your cat for Christmas? I know how it feels like to be a pet lover, isn’t it warm? And that’s probably why you’re so excited to start a pet care business.

Though it seems to be an interesting job, it gets hectic and tiring too. Undoubtedly, you’d love to spend time with the fur buddies everyday no matter whether you’re keen in taking care of them while their owner is away or taking them for a casual stroll around the streets, the prospects of success in pet care business are impeccable if and only if you manage your time and staff(if you have any) efficiently.

Right from fixing appointments with your customers and constantly checking the available work time, email marketing, social media marketing, team management, what not? It’s quite tough for you to take every aspect into consideration all by yourself. Now don’t freak out, we’re here to help you with an easy tool that can fix all such problems.

How is it possible? Well breath, Picktime is the answer for every question.

Picktime is a free online appointment scheduling software to manage all your Pet Care business scheduling and management hassles. With Picktime, where you can sign up and set up your own website on SME friendly platform, you can grab the attention of your customers with your work; and trust me, all this is absolutely free.

Why picktime? because,

  1. Free scheduling-

Our team has made it easy for you to set up the locations where you work, the available time slots, list out all the services you provide, you can also sync your favourite calendar with our software so that your customers can know whether you’re working or not on any particular day, even if you forget to mention. This makes it very easy for your customers to book an appointment or cancel it or even reschedule it. Sounds amazing right?

      2. Add unlimited services and staff:

We know that it’s a tough task for you to promote every service that you provide-whether it is a home service or a salon service. Here, with picktime you can add any number of services in different colours assigned to each type of service with any number of staff members that work under you at different locations or multiple time zones. Maintain your team work shifts and track their availability anytime.

This makes it comfortable for you take quick glances at your screen any day, anytime.

      3. Maintain client database-

It is as important as any other aspect in your business, know the details of your customers and keep a clear cut database using picktime, with this you don’t have to worry losing any of your customers or fur buddies. Say goodbye to old school methods like paperwork.

      4. Automated SMS and email reminders-

Neither you nor your customer have to keep an extra effort of reminding yourself that you have a pet care appointment coming up. We’re always there to do it for you guys. You’ll get an automated text message to your mobile and also an email constantly reminding you about the upcoming appointments.

       5. Integrate with your Facebook page-

Let your Facebook followers know that they can book appointments with you online by providing them with a book now option on your business page. Picktime has integrated with Facebook to provide you a wider range of customers and also make it quite simple for fixing appointments with one click away.

Worry less about looking out for customer records, fixing appointments through exhausting phone calls and messing  up with a clash of appointments, maintaining your workforce; Instead use that time efficiently for your personal space and have fun with your furry babies. Keep your work tidy and well-organized. Just choose, Picktime