8 Easy Hairstyling Hacks to Achieve Beautiful Hair

By | January 11, 2019

When we feel like we’re pressed for time, many of us would opt for our go-to hairstyle, which is the messy bun. However, if you can just give yourself a few more minutes, you can create a gorgeous hairstyle that makes it appear like you put a lot of effort than you actually did.

Yes, that is possible. Runway and fashion modeling shows have proven us that easy-peezy hairstyles can be recreated in a matter of minutes. From the classic ‘80s updos to next level hairstyles, here are some hairstyling hacks you can take into account if you want to achieve beautiful hair.

1. Use fancy ornaments to level up your look.

By using fancy ornaments like scarves and ribbons, you can actually take your hairstyle to the next level. First, create a chignon. To do so, pat your hair down the middle. Divide it into two equal sections. Twist one section over the other before pinning them into place. Hide the pins with a ribbon or simply wrap around a scarf around your head. Finish your look with a lovely knot or bow.

Just make sure your hairstyle does not look childish. What we’re saying is that there shouldn’t be any pigtails around. Also, the prints on your ribbons and scarf should look lovely enough.

2. Sky-high ponytails actually look sexy.

Do you know that when it comes to ponytail placement, a low pony looks sleek, while a high one appears sexy? Now, for the perfect ponytail placement, we suggest you grab a mirror, look straight to it, and make sure your ponytail is positioned high-enough so it will be visible without you having to move your head forward. That’s basically it!

To finish off this style, use a hair straightener and run it over your strands. And then, apply a bit of shine-enhancing product for a super sleek pony.

3. Add more volume at the roots with a deep-side part.

A deep side part can effortlessly add volume at your roots and create a refreshing look? To recreate this hairstyle, you have to grab a durable, round hair brush. After that, blow dry your fringe in a direction pointing away your face. If you still have enough time, you can use a velcro roller to keep your hair in place as it cools. When you unravel it, spritz a bit of lightweight hairspray.

To make things simple yet fun, style your deep side part with some messy waves or tie them up in a bun.

4. Learn to love your curls.

Say goodbye to that hair straightener and learn to embrace your curls. Add definition to your curls and get rid of frizz using a hair mousse or serum. If you still have ample time to dry your hair, use a hair dryer differ and let the tendrils sit in the diffuser. That way, you retain your lovely curls and prevent frizz. As soon as your hair gets dry, use a curling iron to further define your curls.

The secret to having beautiful curls is to apply your favorite hair styling product as soon as you finish showering. Once your hair starts to dry, it will begin to become frizzy.

5. Achieve a slicked back look with a touch of hair gel.

Ever thought of achieving an ‘80s-inspired look? Then it’s high time you use a hair gel. Brush your hair first to ensure it is knot-free. Next, tease your roots in front and let the rest of your strands fall back. After which, apply enough hair gel around the crown and massage it throughout your strands using your fingers. Make sure you move in a direction away from the face.

6. Simply tuck your hair behind the ears for a clean hairstyle.

Yes, clean hair is also a hairstyle, so minimalists, rejoice! If your hair is naturally wavy, it should be as simple as hiding your freshly-washed, air-dried tresses behind the ears. Although straight hair can benefit from using hair mousse, those with finer strands might want to spritz a bit of sea salt spray and use Bobby pins to keep them in place.

7. Tie your hair half-up and half-down.

This is another hairstyle you can pull off in minutes. Take a horizontal section of your hair from above the ears. Backcomb it. Next, secure it with a clear elastic band and you’re all set. This hairstyle is ideal for those with poker-straight hair, so smoothen your hair first before you recreate this look.

8. Wear a half-pulled-through pony style.

You’ve probably tried this before, but did you know that a half-pulled-through pony hairstyle is now a party-worthy style? To create this style, apply dry shampoo from your roots to the tips for added texture. And then, create a center part and tease around your roots to add a bit of volume. Finally, you can create your half-pulled-through pony style.

While our tight schedules often keep us from caring and styling our way in ways we want to, these hairstyling hacks can get you gorgeous instant. They may seem tricky at first, but they’re actually doable. So, try them now and you will be spared from a bad hair day.