When it comes to Sneakers, Why Baabuk is my ideal choice

By | January 11, 2019

Wool, one of the oldest natural fiber, has been used in clothing for millennia. It possesses qualities that are not present in synthetic, textile or leather items. With the rise of brands like Baabuk, wool has also found wide usage in the footwear industry. From slippers to sneakers and boots, you will find wool come in various styles and designs.

Owning a pair of wool shoes is no more seen as a novelty. Wool sneakers have grown in popularity to the extent that now they are seen as appropriate footwear even in more formal settings. However, customers find themselves in a fix when it comes to the choice of the shoe brand. Given the various brands of sneakers out there and the customers’ nature to focus more on fashionability of the shoes, the purchase decision can become difficult.

If you are among those who are looking to join the trend, this article is for you. It enlists a number of reasons why you should consider the Baabuk wool sneakers. From their style and colors to durability and comfort, there is no reason why you shouldn’t love their pair of sneakers.

A little about Baabuk:

Baabuk is a Swiss startup founded by a passionate husband and wife team. It is considered as a big player in the wool sneaker market who got their start through crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Besides sneakers, it also offers Wooler with a modern sneaker design, wool slippers, and wool boots. The Baabuk sneakers and urban wooler are made in Portugal; due to their expertise in shoemaking and to help preserve their wool industry.

They are manufactured by a natural process which involves hot water and weaving to make the wool more substantial in its water repellent and temperature regulating properties. The sneakers’ sole is made of lightweight, durable, and recyclable rubber. They are very open about their product manufacturing process which can be viewed here.

Why Baabuk is my ideal choice:

While there are many brands of sneakers available in the market, I always chose Baabuk over the others. Here is why:

1. Baabuk sneakers have a relaxed street fashion style:

I am a huge fan of the design of sneakers delivered by Baabuk. It combines comfort and style which is very rare when it comes to wool sneakers. It just reinforces the fact that you do not have to sacrifice your comfort to get a fashionable pair of shoes.

Additionally, the design they deliver has a more relaxed street fashion style which goes well with any jeans, trousers or shorts. Each pair of their sneakers is reflective of your personality and allows you to stand out in a crowd.

2. Baabuk is comfortable:

The Baabuk sneakers are amazingly comfortable to wear both in warm and cold weather. The longer you wear them, the wool naturally takes the shape of your foot and gets more comfortable. Baabuk uses high-quality Merino wool which doesn’t give an itchy feeling, and since the sneaker does not contain any glue, the fiber doesn’t get stiff.

The temperature regulating and moisture wicking properties of the wool allow you to wear the sneakers with or without socks. You can walk in these sneakers for miles and wear them all day without feeling its weight.

3. Baabuk provides excellent color combinations:

The Baabuk sneakers come in five different colors – black, orange, turquoise, dark blue and light blue. I love the way they combine two different colors, giving the sneakers a fresh look. With such a diverse range of creative color palettes, you are almost certain to find the color combination that suits your personal brand.

4. Water repellant and Fire Retardant:

The Baabuk wool sneaker has excellent water repellent property which ensures that you always keep your feet dry even when walking in wet grass or on a snowy track. Wool fibers are also very slow to burn, so in case your wool catches fire, it has the capability to self-extinguish itself.

5. Ease of care:

The Baabuk sneakers use Merino wool which is machine washable with some wool friendly detergent. You do not need to wash your sneakers frequently, as many dirt spots can also be removed with a wet cloth. Since wool is antibacterial and neutralizes body odors, the sneaker will not get any odor when worn without socks.

6. Economical:

The Baabuk sneakers are currently available for € 95.00 which is pretty economical for wool sneakers of such quality. If you take into account the durability and reliability, the sneakers come just at the right price. Synthetic shoes may cost you less, but since it does not long last, it isn’t worth your investment.

7. Durability:

Since you do not have the time and money to buy shoes every day, you expect them to last long. For someone who wears them on a daily basis, the Baabuk sneakers have shown incredible durability results compared to other brands. The wool upper is thick and soft which makes the sneakers flexible and resilient to breakage. Since wool is seven times stronger than cotton, making the sneakers very durable.

The Bottom Line:

The Baabuk sneakers deliver quality with superior comfort and style. They are versatile enough to be worn in any settings, with any outfit, and anytime. If you are looking for a cozy, stylish, durable, and environmentally sustainable footwear, you should definitely try the Baabuk sneakers.

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