How Machine Learning is Revolutionizing the Digital Advertising Industry

By | January 14, 2019

Digital platforms have changed the way of doing business. Businesses have never seen such growth in their sales. Whether big or small, every business is getting benefit out of the digital platforms. As businesses are going online, there is also a need for advertising the business over the internet. Business and advertisement go hand in hand. You cannot separate business from the advertisement. Machine learning has changed the scenario how digital advertising was done.

Importance of Machine Learning in Digital Advertisements

Digital advertisers were facing a lot of problems. Most of the digital advertisers are using old and traditional methods for digital advertising. These advertisements were shown to all the audience as a whole. This resulted in low conversion rate and the high cost of operations. Advertisers were not aware of their target audience. Implementation of machine learning in digital marketing has made the life easier for the digital advertisers in seo. They are now in a position to better focus the target audience. Machine learning algorithms can understand the consumer behavior in a better way. This makes the advertising campaign more targeted and focused.

Humans produce trillions of data every day. Digital advertisers are largely dependent upon the history or past data. But the data is too huge to handle the human task force. They would prefer to go with their intuition or experience rather than drawing insights from that amount of data. This is where machine learning algorithms come into the picture. Machine learning can better analyze the data and draw correlations between the data. It can also help in building pattern from the data that will be helpful in forecasting and decision making.

Now, let us have a look how machine learning is revolutionizing the digital advertising industry.

  1. Customer Segmentation

For any advertisement to run effectively and to get maximum Return On Investment (ROI), customer segmentation is a must. Customer segmentation is the process of categorizing the customers on the basis of likes, dislikes, gender, age range, geographical location, sound engineering and many more. This enables the digital advertisers to focus on the target audience in a better way. The advertisements are shown only to the target customers. This has also reduced the cost of carrying out advertisement campaigns.

  1. Understanding Customer Response

Artificial intelligence services have helped in understanding the customer response in a better way. Advertisers can better understand the consumer behavior and can make further changes in the campaign. For example, they can get to know how many persons are interested in their ad and how many are not interested in watching their ad. The customers that have never clicked on the ad can be removed from the list of the target audience. This makes the advertising campaign more focused and also the cost of carrying out campaign is reduced.

  1. Customer support service

For every advertisement campaign, the customer is the prime focus. After clicking on the advertisement, customers want to know more about the product or services. One of the artificial intelligence applications is to use the chatbots in the customer support service. You may have heard of chatbots at some point of time or the other. While using a website you may have noticed a customer support chat service. You may have used it too to ask your queries. There is a high chance that it is a chatbot. Chatbots are built using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. They have the ability to make conversations with the humans. They have the ability to answer the queries of the customers. Moreover, they are available 24/7 at the customer support service.

  1. Making Content Better

Advertisements campaigns have to make sure that the content they are using in the campaign should appeal the audience. The content should be relevant and personalized. This can help in improving the conversion rate. A better content also helps in driving the traffic towards your website. This results in the improved ranking in search engine result page. Machine learning algorithms are helping the advertisers to understand the customer behavior and personalizing the advertisements.

  1. Better Searches

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have improved the searches to a great extent. With the implementation of machine learning algorithms, users are getting most related searches on the search engine result page. Also, the advertisements shown to the users are relevant and are in accordance with the search query. By showing relevant advertisements, the conversion rate is also increased.


Artificial intelligence research in digital advertising has made it more sophisticated day by day. Digital advertisers are in a position to understand the customer behavior more than ever. This has helped in reducing the cost of carrying out the digital marketing campaign. Artificial intelligence has become a powerful tool in the hand of digital advertisers. Advertisements have become much more intelligent than before as advertisers are able to follow only the target audience. Let us wait and watch how artificial intelligence service is going to further revolutionize the digital advertisement.