Weighted Vests Training: 4 Common Mistakes To Avoid

By | January 14, 2019

The method of training with the loaded or weighted garments is trending right now. While it has its benefits in terms of weight training and in overall health and weight reduction aspects, using the weighted vests in the wrong way will only lead to more problems than benefits. People just put on the weighted vests and expect the body to get fit. The main issue here is that for proper weight vest training, there are no ideal guidelines given anywhere. When the right weighted vest is worn and the routine workouts are performed, there can be many benefits attained, but a minor fault can cause a major injury.

Using the wrong weighted vest

This mistake mostly happens where men and women are not aware of which weighted vest is ideal for them. There are times where women will always stick to lightweight vests and men tend to go for more weighted vests thinking it is ideal for them. Both extremes are not good. Women will not get the expected results if the system is not stimulated properly because of low weight. Research also shows that having too much weight on a weight vest for men might cause injuries.

Using heavy weighted vests too early

Working out with weighted vests means there is additional pressure and stress to the body when compared to the usual workout. So the body should get adjusted to it. People do not realize that the body will need some time to adjust and adapt and they go for heavy weighted vests at the beginning itself. The ideal way is to start with the low weighted vests and work their way up as the workout moves forward. This will give enough time for the body to adapt to the increased weight. If not the body will get too tired too soon and you will lose the motivation to go on.

Going overboard with the vest

Weighted vests might not be a good option for all. Some people might not be able to handle the extra pressure. There are times when people do not realize that their body is just not prepared for this extra weight. They continue to work out and end up having fatigue and nausea. This is a result of overstressing the body. The best solution for this is to start with a minimal weighted vest and try it out after consulting with your physician.

Choosing the wrong model

Many people are not aware that there are different models available in weighted vests for different types of workout. There are various types of weighted vests for cross-training, running, walking, rock climbing, track etc. Each model is different and will suit the particular activity. People choose one weighted vest and believe that it will be apt for all types of workouts. There are times where the weighted vest ideal for rock climbing will be purchased for running. This has to be checked before choosing one.

By avoiding the common mistakes mentioned here one can improve the muscle mass and get fit quickly with the help of weighted vests.