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By | January 15, 2019

Ascending Training Solutions (Pty.) Ltd based in Cape Town specialises in the development of soft skills and technical skills training material. The company has always aimed to facilitate industries, other companies and training providers to enhance the efficiency and productivity of businesses.

Ascending Training Solutions recognises employees as a company’s greatest assets and believes that proper skills development and training serve as key factors in driving a company to success and growth. The skills training company identifies the difficulty in sending employees for out-of-house training sessions that induce time, cost and burden the business. This has led them to develop unique training materials for in-house training of the staff.

Unique Training Materials from Ascending Training Solutions:
Ascending Training Solutions develops customised course materials for both, soft skills training and technical skills training. Their technical skills development training materials are particularly famous, enabling the clients to train employees at their own venue and during their own time.

All training material developed by them is tailored as per the exact needs of the business, focusing on the following key areas:

  • Focusing individually on each client
  • Providing shorter lead times
  • Keeping the costs to a minimum

Ascending Training Solutions draft their materials in accordance with the requirements of the SETAs. They do not sell any ‘accredited training material’ because the processes of accreditation of the SETA are linked to the specific company and its Quality Management System.

Soft Skills Training Material:
The company develops Soft Skills or Personal Development Training Material, tailored to meet the specific requirements of your company. These skills are focused on people skills and social skills, aiming to enhance the public relations of the employees. The Company does not sell generic training material that is available across the shelves of many shops.

Technical Skills Training Material:
The technical skills or hard skills training materials are focused on the development of certain technical abilities that are needed in your business. Customised as per the needs of the business, it facilitates the supervisors and trainers in imparting knowledge about the various procedures, the quality control tasks and housekeeping etc.

Advantages of Availing Their Services:

Associating with Ascending Training Solutions will extend various advantages for you. These include:

  • Saving Cost
  • Customised Training Content for your Business
  • Convenient In-House Training
  • Consistency of Content Quality
  • Strong Team Building

To know more about the training materials and services offered by Ascending Training Solutions, please visit their website:

About the Company:
Ascending Training Solutions is a Cape Town based Company that develops and provides customised technical and soft skills development course materials to various companies and industries. The Company is a Level 4 contributor to B-BBEE.

162 Blaauwberg Road, Table View
Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
Tel: 0215573896