How to Use Instagram as a Social Platform to Market Your Restaurant Business

By | January 15, 2019

In the restaurant industry, endless hashtags, numerous check-ins, and self-declared foodies posting images of mouthwatering delicacies on Instagram show the relationship between social networking platforms and fine dining. People love to share pictures of kebabs, curries, and pasta dishes on Instagram. However, this is obvious, but what is not so apparent is that these happy food lovers have now become a form of costless advertising for your restaurant business. Therefore, it is all about using Instagram to market your restaurant. And why not when this picture-sharing site has 130 million active visitors every month and 45 million uploads daily? Sounds interesting, right? Read on to learn how to use Instagram to promote your bistro and engage with your customers.

Connect Instagram with Other Social Sites

You can now make the most out of Instagram’s embed feature and include your restaurant’s images and videos to your business website and blog. Even if you are not HTML savvy, you can leverage this user-friendly feature and copy-paste the Instagram visual code to place on your restaurant site. Additionally, share your business photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. Even if users do not follow your brand on Facebook, you can share photos of food, lighting, and interiors on all your networks to improve visibility and increase followers. If you are new to Instagram, you can research on the web and look for websites like to learn more about marketing your business on the photo-sharing platform.


Engage with Your Customers, Reward Them

You can create fill-up-the-sentence posts to improve user interaction and engagement. For example, you can create something like, “The caramel custard flavor is …” Similarly, if you are launching a new kebab dish or a pizza topping, ask your patrons to name it. This way, your customers on Instagram will follow your brand and participate in the contest. You can also ask them to share the pictures of the food they order and include your restaurant tag. Reward them in return by offering them a gift card, complimentary drinks, or anything relevant. Motivate the visitors who have 200 and more followers to post a picture mentioning the name of your restaurant. Announce that the best post will get a free meal. This way, people will promote your restaurant to more than 200 prospective customers free of cost.

Make the Most of Videos

The photo-sharing platform’s video feature will take your marketing efforts to the next level. Highlight your popular soups, starters, main courses, and desserts through high-quality videos. Show live cooking in these visuals. You never know that your pasta cooking method can earn as much as 30,000 likes. You can introduce your esteemed customers with your chef or show how waiters serve the final dish in a video. You can also request diners to give reviews of your restaurant and ask them before posting.


Try implementing these tips to promote your restaurant business through Instagram. If you are already doing it, there is nothing like it. Drive customer engagement and interaction through high-resolution visuals. You will be surprised to see the results.