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By | January 21, 2019

Accountability Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a web-based service debt and credit management agency that aims to protect companies by reducing the risks associated with outstanding payments. They extend their services to start-ups, SMEs and large corporates alike, aiming to minimise credit risk and manage default payments too.

Services Provided by Accountability Solutions:

1. Default Management Services – Accountability Solutions extends comprehensive debtor management services that comprises of the following:

Notice to Debtor – Their extensive list of debtor management services also include drafting and sending of various notices to debtors. This includes sending letters to the debtor their name can be listed on the databases of Credit Bureaus.

Adding to the database – In the event that a debtor does not respond to a notice, their name needs to be listed as a debtor on the Credit Bureau’s database. Accountability Solutions not only lists the debtor’s name but also notifies them of such listings.

Updating Database – If a debtor pays his dues after being listed, they also make sure that they update such information timely and remove their name from the list of debtors.

2. Debt Collection Services – When the members fail to collect debts on their own, Accountability Solutions offer them access to various independent debt collectors, who can help them in extracting their debt. With the member’s consent, they even help them in executing litigation against the debtors when absolutely necessary.

3. Judgement Removal Services – On instruction of the member, Accountability Solutions also executes judgement removal procedures. The team of attorneys at Accountability Solutions evaluate each case to take up the best procedure, with regard to the necessary regulations and compliances.

4. Credit Management Services – Accountability Solutions provides assistance to its members in managing their credits and building better relationships with their customers. They offer a complete credit management service that consists of:

Business Information – Through the Accountability portal, members can obtain detailed information about both businesses and their principals, helping the members in assessing their new clients and their trustworthiness.

Consumer Information – Accountability Solutions provides its clients with reliable in-depth information about consumers, including services like tracing missing debtors, verification of identity of consumers and even initiating alerts for tracing missing consumers.

The members can also obtain Bank Codes to establish the financial standing of a client.

5. Deed Searches – Accountability Solutions provides its members information about any property they want, regardless whether it is owned by a company, person or Trust. They can avail information about the property, the owner, its valuation, sales, transfer and bond information, area maps etc.

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About the Company
Accountability Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a web-based debt and credit management agency that was established by Howard and Wendy Kemp. The company aims to protect large corporations and SMEs by reducing their credit risks.

29 Bella Rosa Street, Rosenpark, Bellville
Cape Town, 7530, Western Cape
Tel: 0861 90 90 90