Connected TV Advertising Trends in 2019

By | January 31, 2019

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Following consumers’ habits, TV advertising shifts away from traditional TV, desktop, and mobile. New home for TV ad is CTV – connected video devices, like smart TVs, boxes, sticks, and devices streaming content via broadband.

Here are major CTV trends for 2019

A growing audience of connected TV devices owners
Connected TV users in the USA numbered about 222.7m in 2017. Based on eMarketer data, AppNexus forecasts that by 2021 this number will reach 244.3m. Outside the US, in the UK, which possesses the largest connected TV market in Europe, around 75% of households will have CTV devices by 2020.

Cross-device CTV advertising opportunities
Users are often active on social media when watching TV. According to YuMe research, 87% of consumers use their smartphones and tablets when watching digital content on a CTV. Leveraging cross-device context will help brands reach better consistency.

Increasing spending and highly estimated revenue growth from CTV ad
Advertisers who have already leveraged CTV ads, keep increasing their investments in it. From a number of projections, 80% of marketers plan to buy inventory for connected TV devices and services in the next 12 months.

High CTV ad viewability
The connected TV gives consumers what they need most: access to the desired content with an opportunity to watch it where and how they prefer. The most wanted question here is how consumers accept advertising on CTV platforms. Statistics sounds promising: 90% of viewers find the CTV advertising as relevant as the traditional TV ad. What is more, 98% of all CTV advertising tested exceeds the minimum mobile viewable display ads impression standard of 2 sec.

How to embrace CTV advertising with Admixer ecosystem
Now, that you know about key CTV ad insights, forecasts, and opportunities, you might think where to start. The essential factor for benefiting of CTV ad is to pick the right technology provider.

Here are a few good reasons to give it a go with Admixer Technologies.
– One-stop-shot to build your CTV ad network
– Wide targeting opportunities
– Optimal ad delivery
– Insightful reporting and analytics
– Maximum monetization of your inventory

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