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By | February 1, 2019

The Real Stuff has always strived to empower fitness enthusiasts by providing efficient health and fitness solutions. They believe that there is no one product that caters to the unique needs of different individuals and offers personalised services to their customers. They provide effective fitness information and supplements for everyone including fitness enthusiasts, athletes and bodybuilders.

Products Offered by The Real Stuff
The Real Stuff stocks and supplies a wide-range of supplements. They provide not only nutritional supplements but sports, health and fitness supplements as well. The various supplements supplied by The Real Stuff can be classified as follows:

1. Workout Supplements – Workout supplements are perfect for fitness enthusiasts who love to hit the gym. These help the body in deriving the optimum benefit from the workout. The workout supplements are segregated into:

  • Pre-workout supplements – This includes supplements like protein that are taken before commencing a workout so that you can keep up your energy levels.
  • Intra-workout supplements – Supplements like amino acids that are taken during a workout in small quantities to facilitate quick recovery and stable energy levels.
  • Post-Workout Supplements – The post-workout supplements help you derive the benefits of the workout and help your muscles recover after workouts, preventing muscle wastage.

2. Endurance and Recovery Supplements – The second category offers popular supplements like liver fx, testo-fuel, XPlod3 etc. These supplements help in stimulating the growth of new cells, repairing damaged cells and preventing muscles and organs from getting damaged. They facilitate recovery and aid in enhancing the body’s capability to endure pain.

3. Fat Burners – As the name suggests, the supplements in this category are aimed at burning body fat quickly. When coupled with a proper workout, they boost the fat-loss procedure to help you get a lean body and toned abs. Some popular supplements in this category are CLA 3000, Xenadrin LP6 etc.

4. Mass Gainers – The mass gainer supplements are meant for those who have a very lanky frame and wish to gain muscle mass and weight. The journey to having a strong and healthy body requires that your body mass index is perfect, and these supplements help in just that. These generally feature a mix of carbohydrates and proteins that regulate the metabolism and prevent muscle wastage.

5. Others – They also provide many other supplements like weight loss supplements, testosterone boosters, size and shape builders etc.

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About the Company
The Real Stuff is a leading nutrition, sports, health and fitness supplement company. They aim to guide their clients to achieve their fitness goals by aiding their journey with the right products. They cater to the needs of professional athletes, regular fitness practitioners and enthusiasts alike.

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