H.I.S Enterprise – The Ideal choice for Magnetic products

By | February 5, 2019

H.I.S Enterprise is quite a reputed name in Cape Town. The company was established in 1989 and is best known for its core products which include button badges and fridge magnets. They have an in-house expert graphic and creative design team who are well-known for their amazing conceptualisation. The company takes pride in their high-quality services.

They also distribute EZ-film materials suitable for the signage industry. These films are reusable and easy to apply. They also have experience in the supply of innovative and creative products which are used for promotional needs as well as for advertising. This company is B-BBEE registered.

Products and Services:

  • ABS Rulers: Rulers like these can come in handy for different measuring purposes. These can also be used by students in schools. These can also be used by engineers when creating a design. If it is about dimensions, these are 0.9 mm in thickness and around 15-30 m in length. Using this ruler, the process of printing can be essentially done on one or two sides.
  • Button Badges: This is another small but very useful product, as far as promotion and marketing are concerned. They start at a diameter of 24mm. They come in two options, either with a pin or DM magnet fitting. Magnet button badges are often used as identification tags.
  • Desk Mats: These products are multi-purpose depending upon their sizes. They can be used as dining mats and as well as a mouse pad. These mats can be manufactured according to the need of the customer. However, their standard size is 420 mm X 297 mm X 590 mm X 415 mm. Their structure includes a textured laminate finish, which is mounted upon a natural soft rubber. These are dye cut to the desired size.
  • Magnetic Photo Frames: This is an accessory which is very commonly used in present times. It is generally applied on the surface of a refrigerator.
  • White Vinyl Magnetic Sheeting: These magnetic sheets are immensely useful for organization and different crafting and hobby projects. The size of these sheets is 420mm X 305mm. These are available in two sizes. The 0.5mm size is available either plain or with self-adhesive. The 0.8 mm size, on the other hand, is available with white vinyl or with self-adhesive.

For more information about the products and services offered by H.I.S Enterprise, please visit their official website – www.his-enterprise.co.za

About the Company: 
H.I.S Enterprise was established in 1989. The company has a strong conceptualisation and design team. The team works hard towards improving their core products which include mouse pads, button badges and fridge magnets.

2 Ringer Park, Printers Way,
Montague Gardens, Cape Town, 7443
Tel: +27 21 5515827