The Best CBD Wax Online Belongs to Johnny Apple

By | February 18, 2019

Going online to find a quality CBD wax isn’t really hard. What’s hard is discovering who has the Best CBD Wax. That is unless you already know about Johnny Apple. Once you discover Johnny Apple, the chances are you’ll never look anywhere else again.

CBD Wax Helps in Many Ways

Many people have already experienced the soothing effects of CBD Wax on joint pain and muscle aches. Both of these problems also result in anxiety as well and the use of a CBD Wax can help reduce or eliminate the anxiety associated with pain. Johnny Apple processes their CBD Wax to be THC free which makes it possible to sell in all 50 states in America.

Two Lovely Choices To Help You Feel Better

Johnny Apple offers Honey Oil and Live Resin CBD Wax in 2-gram containers. Both waxes are effective at providing joint and muscle pain relief. Each wax comes in a concentrated form so it doesn’t require a lot of wax to get relief. Learn more by going to

A Little History Lesson on CBD Oil and Wax

221 BC – Chinese begin to develop Cannabis agricultural techniques
1533 – Henry the Eighth required all farmers to reserve ¼ acre for Cannabis production
1563 – Chinese doctors record the anti-nausea effects of Cannabis
1940 – American chemist Roger Adams isolates CBD compound
1950 – All CBD is outlawed in the United States
2003 – US Gov’t Patent Office issues first patent for CBD-based product
2017 – FDA approves the use of CBD for medical purposes

It took the US Government 50+ years to figure out CBD wasn’t a bad thing but a good thing and that life for pain sufferers can be improved significantly without going to a pharmaceutical chemical but to a natural pain reliever that is easier on the body and more holistic to use.

Johnny Apple Produces the Best CBD Wax

It is easy to say but hard to prove who manufactures the best CBD Wax available on the market. To this end, Johnny Apple cultivates their plants to be THC-free which results in a more concentrated CBD wax. Customers get the pain relief they seek without the muddling effects of THC. Other companies have difficulty getting their product completely THC-free or they try to diminish the THC levels in their products in the production process which may reduce the quality and effect of the CBD oil or wax in their products.

Customer Reviews Tell the Whole Story

Go to and take a look at the customer comments and ratings Johnny Apple gets for its CBD wax. You’ll see a lot of 5-star ratings and comments, which customers make about the product and the company. You’ll also find the ratings and comments the other products receive and it won’t take long for you to figure out Johnny Apple is a first-class, top-shelf producer of the best CBD wax and other pain-relief products on the market today.

Proud to be Made in the USA

The company is constantly reviewing its processes and products to ensure customers get the right experience and results. Customers are invited to contact Johnny Apple’s sales and customer service staff with any questions they may have or to get help with any issues, which may arise from using the products. Simply contact the company at with any questions or for inquiries concerning wholesale discounts.

It Just Makes Sense to Purchase CBD Wax From Johnny Apple

Put all the facts together and the conclusion is pretty simple. Johnny Apple produces the highest-quality, medical grade CBD Wax on the market, which offers the best joint and muscle pain relief available.

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