The Best Topical CBD Remedies are at Johnny Apple

By | March 16, 2019

Use of topical CBD remedies has literally exploded over the last few years. Many pain sufferers choose less chemical and more natural remedies for application to painful joints and aching muscles. Johnny Apple has the Best Topical CBD products on the market today.

Natural versus Not Natural

For years, the only way to get relief from joint and muscle aches was to use smelly, analgesic-style rubs that did the job but made the pain sufferer smell like a locker room. Times have changed and many consumers want something that is less smelly and more naturally-produced. Topical CBD treatments have become popular for just this reason.

Johnny Apple to the Rescue

In the modern world, products for pain relief are everywhere. The internet, the pharmacy, and even convenience stores stock traditional and non-traditional remedies. The prices and claims of relief can get to be pretty unbelievable. That’s where Johnny Apple comes into the picture. Much easier than running around searching for the right product, the Johnny Apple website is right at your fingertips at

The Best Topical CBD Products

When it comes to offering the highest quality CBD topicals, Johnny Apple has a few different products that can be used to relieve pain, anxiety and more:

• Calm Balm — Topical CBD Balm
• Bliss – Hybrid — Isolate
• Calm – Soothing — Isolate
• Pure — Isolate
• Raw — Isolate

For people who want only natural products to relieve their pain and anxiety, Johnny Apple makes the perfect solution.

Pure CBD and Nothing Else

Producing a pure product isn’t easy but Johnny Apple accomplishes the task by using only Non-THC Hemp products. No THC means Johnny Apple’s best topical CBD balms and isolates are available in all 50 states. Johnny Apple produces only ultra-pure, medical grade CBD products with the test results to prove it. Transparency is a trademark of Johnny Apple and customers can see the testing results for the CBD balm and isolates on their website.

Customer Benefits

There are many benefits to using Johnny Apple’s CBD products beyond the products themselves. The company offers same-day First Class shipping on its products and the shipping is free. No minimum orders or other hoops to jump through. Order tracking is available for customers who wish to know where their order is during shipping. The company also offers a veterans discount to current and former military service members. Johnny Apple packages their CBD products with child-proof caps to ensure the safety of their customer’s families.

Customer Care

Customers with questions or those needing more information are encouraged to go the website or to contact Johnny Apply directly via email at On the site, customers can learn more about the company, its history, the products, and a multitude of other information regarding CBD products manufactured and sold by Johnny Apple. On the website, customers can see the reviews and ratings given by current customers. That’s where past customers give their assessments of the products and the company behind them.

Take A Look At All of Johnny Apple’s Products

Customers going to the website will find other high-quality CBD infused products available from Johnny Apple:

• Cartridges
• Waxes
• STEM Vaporizer
• Tinctures

Customers can learn about the new STEM vaporizer exclusively available from Johnny Apple on their website. It has revolutionary technology to help vapor users enjoy their experience even more.

Leading Edge Products and Much More

The Johnny Apple website has many ways to get pain relief from sore and aching muscles and joints. They also have a blog for customers to read through and discover ways to deal with their health issues. Everything from Johnny Apple is available to promote pain relief and reduce anxiety in a variety of ways to suit each customer’s individual circumstances. Visit them online today to see what they can do for you!

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