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By | March 19, 2019

For many people, vaping has opened up a whole new world of flavors. Those flavors are as varied and unusual as the people who seek them. But there seems to be some consensus of opinion when it comes to finding the best E-Liquid For Sale and that is there are far better products and values available on the internet. Local vaping shops have a lot of varieties, but the costs can be prohibitive.

Smax Has a Variety of the Most Popular Flavors of E-Liquid For Sale Online

Who is to say what the most popular flavors of E-Liquid are today? It seems as though people who vape tend to enjoy flavors that are both refreshing and genuine. Smax has found, over the years of their business, customers will tell you when you’ve nailed it and when you’ve whiffed. There have been occasions when one of Smax’s flavors was removed from the line up only to have the customers loudly voice how poor a decision it was. From that one can only conclude the flavors were actually quite popular.

Great Flavors All Day Long

Those who vape usually do so pretty much all day long. Because of that, Smax has developed their flavors to follow the daily routine of most vapers. They have organized their flavors into groups which represent each days start, middle, and end. Some people like a little fruit to start off their day and Smax has E-Liquid for sale that will do the trick:

Good Vibes has Pineapple, Passionfruit, and Orange all blended together.
Lick It offers Peaches and Luscious Cream swirled together.
Pony on Acid takes Strawberries, Raspberries, and Pineapple to all new highs.
She’s a Dime makes a Lemon and Lime brightness that lifts spirits.
Feelin’ Frappie puts Strawberries and French Vanilla upfront with no doubt.

Then there are those who enjoy a little coffee flavor first thing in the morning and for them, there’s some wonderful flavor combinations to enjoy like:

Mafia Princess has Espresso together with Italian cake and cream like at the Bistro in Rome.
Mo Mocha starts with Mocha Latte and finishes with Caramel and Toffee sweetly.
Sammie Puffs brings Chocolate, Graham Crackers, and Marshmallows together perfectly.
Danish Dreams is a Danish Pastry indulgence with a kiss of Butterscotch to finish.

Smax Has Bundled the Goodness Together

Customers can go to the Smax website at www.smaxeliquid.com and find the flavors they love together in bundles that save them money. There are four bundles available with the following combinations of flavors:

The Dessert bundle has Mafia Princess, Sammie Puffs, and She’s a Dime available in two 30ml Super Tubes each or in the new 100ml Super Tubes.

The Fruit bundle includes Good Vibes, Lick It, and Pony on Acid flavors in the above sizes and quantities.

The Breakfast bundle combines Mo Mocha, Feelin’ Frappie, and Danish Dreams sold as single 30ml Super Tubes.

The Bible bundle contains six flavors:

  • Good Vibes
  • Lick It
  • Pony on Acid
  • Mafia Princess
  • Sammie Puffs
  • She’s a Dime

When customers purchase the Bible bundle, they can save as much as $47.95 over purchasing each flavor in the 60ml (2 x 30ml) amount and they can save $55.95 by purchasing the 100ml Super Tubes over buying each flavor separately. With Free Shipping for orders over $30 there’s no better way to save money on the best flavors on the market.

Not Customer Service But Customer Care

Everyone at Smax knows they exist because customers like their products and trust their company. Customers who have questions about the E-Liquid for sale on the website are encouraged to contact the company by either submitting an inquiry form located on the contact page of the website or by calling 408-896-8972 Monday through Friday from 11am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time.

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