Expand Banner Stand Makes for Easy Trade Show Setup

If you are somebody who regularly attends trade shows, you want easy setup and break down of your booth so you can focus on attending as many events as possible without having to spend so much time setting up. Having a retractable stand that can be set up in minutes and allow you to focus on everything else in your presentation can make quite the difference.

The Expand Banner Stand is perfect for you. This retractable display can make changing graphics quick and easy. This is a great option if you need to change graphics constantly to fit your audience.

It can sometimes have a greater impact when you can cater your graphics and displays to the audience at different trade shows, but you don’t want to have to rely on someone else to make the changes to your equipment regularly. With the Expand Banner Stand, you can change out the graphics yourself in minutes. Everything is more cost-effective when you can do it yourself, so having a stand that allows for this flexibility can be very beneficial.

You can order the banner stand with printed graphics already or have a banner printed after. The Expand kit comes with everything you need including the base, pole, banner roll and a carry case for easy transportation to and from various trade shows.

Banners are important to your trade show exhibit. It is the place where you can showcase your message, your brand, your logo and information about a product or service. You need signage that showcases these features and does so well enough that it can be seen from across a room, but also that gives enough information so that visitors feel informed. That is the best way for them to remember you, to listen to the rest of your presentation, to see the product and to take more information so they can eventually contact you in the interest of making a purchase.

Whatever materials you need to get your message across, you can find them at TradeShowPlus. For over 17 years, TradeShowPlus has handled two key parts of the trade show set up. They have all of the supplies you need to create the best trade show booth at your next show and that can help you take full advantage of whatever space you have to set up. They also have a state of the art printing service that can take your brand to another level with crisp and quality graphics on any banner or sign, and the expertise to help you find the exact products you need and want.

There are many retractable banners in stock, including the Expand Banner Stand, so that you can make quick use of your set up time and focus on meeting new people and potential customers, which is the real purpose of your attendance after all. In addition to retractable banners, shelving and literature stands are good tools to have at your disposal to showcase a product and supply more information. You can also use trade show walls and pop up displays or tables to make your trade show display as effective as possible.

So check out the selection of trade show supplies from TradeShowPlus today at TradeShowPlus.com, including the Expand M2 banner stand and get the retractable banner stand that will work for you at every show. With easy setup, easy adjustment, and easy banner changing to constantly let your brand image evolve, this banner stand will work wonders for you in the long run as you attend more shows. Contact TradeShowPlus with any questions by calling 800-419-3561 or sending an email to support@tradeshowplus.com.

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