Nursing Home Insurance Coverage That Fills in the Gaps of Other Plans

By | June 13, 2019

When it comes to your Nursing Home Insurance Coverage, don’t settle for the rest when you can easily have the best.

Being responsible for a nursing home or assisted living facility is a responsibility that only a few special individuals are equipped to handle. Not everyone is capable of providing daily care to those who cannot take care of themselves, whether it is bringing them their food, bathing them, providing essential medication, or just trying to help them make each day as great as possible. Regardless of how skilled a person is at caring for others and operating a well-regarded facility, accidents and human error are nearly impossible to eliminate. With so many moving parts on a daily basis, incidents are bound to happen and when they do, it helps to have good insurance coverage on your side.

According to Nursing Home Abuse Justice, studies have found that wet floors, poor lighting, loose equipment lying around in hallways, and other environmental hazards that can pop up from time to time are responsible for as much as 27% of all accidents to nursing home residents. The elderly are among the most beloved people in our society, but also among the most fragile. Any incident, big or small, can have a much more serious impact on an older person which could, in turn, lead to a costly liability lawsuit against your facility. Or let’s say that a resident at your nursing home or assisted living facility accuses one of your staff members of abuse. Whether or not their claim is true or false, it will still require a significant investment of time and money on your part just to protect your facility. The same can be true in the event of a medical malpractice claim against your facility and its staff of medical professionals.

In these and many other cases, some insurance providers fall a little short when it comes to providing the coverage plan you will need. They often only provide general liability policies that fail to provide the right coverage against the issues that are prevalent in your industry. When the worst of the worst hits you, it hurts even more when you do not have reliable coverage there to have your back. That is why the best thing you can do for your business is to get a nursing home insurance coverage plan with XINSURANCE.

XINSURANCE is known within the industry as a partner that takes its title seriously. They make it a habit to fill in the gaps that other companies often overlook, gaps that can make or break the future of your facility. They are receptive to just how vulnerable nursing homes and assisted living facilities can be and care about your long-term success almost as much as you do. According to McKnight’s Senior Living, assisted living claims are now paying out more than skilled nursing claims. This just means that the chances of being the victim of one of these claims are only going up, making a partner such as XINSURANCE all the more important.

What helps make XINSURANCE so special is their all-in-one approach to coverage. This approach allows for not only broader coverage, but also higher limits. Whether you need individual/personal liability, professional liability, alleged sexual abuse or molestation liability, or alleged assault & battery liability, XINSURANCE will have your back for each of these and more. Go to right now to find out more about how their nursing home insurance coverage can protect you and your nursing home care facility.

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