Debt Management Service from Accountability

Accountability Solutions (Pty) Ltd is the leading web-based debt management and credit management service provider in South Africa. The team aims to reduce the credit risk of their clients with the use of several tools. They strive to protect all types and sizes of businesses and offer various membership benefits to their clients.

Some Services Offered by Accountability Solutions:

Managing Default and Associated Issues – In case a debtor fails to pay the agreed upon amount on time, it is then necessary to take steps to manage the situation. Accountability Solutions (Pty) Ltd takes care of such needs required by their clients. The professional team can assist you in drafting and sending notices to the debtor to alert them about the next step which can be taken by you.

Even after sending the notice, if the debtor does not respond, the professionals list the debtor’s name as a defaulter in the Credit Bureau and then notifies them about the listing. After this procedure, if the debtor gives the due amount, it is also Accountability’s duty to send the following information to the Credit Bureau and request for the removal of the name as a defaulter. All such tasks are done by the professional team of Accountability.

Collecting Debt Competently – When the business owners are unable to collect the due amount from the debtors on their own, Accountability Solutions (Pty) Ltd takes the responsibility to collect it. They have a team of independent debt collectors, who can assist their clients in collecting the due debt lawfully and quickly. They work as per the requirements of business owners. Accountability Solutions does not encourage the businesses to take legal actions against the debtors. However, they assist their members, if they wish to take legal actions in order to recover the debt.

Removing Judgement Professionally – Accountability Solutions (Pty) Ltd also offers the judgement removal facility on the request of the members. Their team of legal professionals work hard to evaluate each case to find out, which one of the known methods of judgement removal is appropriate to deal with the current scenario. The judgement removal process is executed as per the most appropriate method.

Apart from the above-mentioned services, Accountability Solutions (Pty) Ltd also deals with credit management and deed searches for members. To learn more about the services, you can visit them on their website

About the Company:
The founders of Accountability Solutions (Pty) Ltd are Wendy and Howard Kemp. This is a web-based credit and debt management company, which provides its clients or members with different debt and credit management tools for running their business successfully.

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7530, Western Cape, South Africa
Tel: 0861 90 90 90