Christopher T. Gore- The Leading Criminal Defense Lawyer in Houston

Christopher T. Gore is a renowned criminal defense lawyer, based in Houston, Texas. He is dedicated to serving clients facing legal difficulties. He aims to help his clients with positive results in any criminal law-related issue. He is associated with the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association Member, Harris County Municipal Justice Bar Association.

Christopher T. Gore deals each case with great compassion and understanding. The entire case is solved with individual care, a detailed case study is prepared,and the case is handled with a great professional approach. He develops different strategies for different types of cases, as per the specific needs.

Practice Areas Covered by Christopher T. Gore:

Christopher T. Gore provides effective assistance in several areas. His practice areas include-

  • DWI/DUI Intoxication Offense- Facing any kind of criminal charge is a frightening experience. Being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drug is no exception. Christopher T. Gore is well-versed with the Texas Laws and can quicklyhelp clientsfacing such a charge, by drafting an effective defense strategy after considering the different facts.
  • Driving with Suspended License- Driving with an invalid or suspended license may invite a serious penalty. This criminal offense lawyer is dedicated to assisting his clients and helps them understand the relevant law. Assistance is providedto the client in deciding what can be done in such consequences.
  • Evading arrest- An individual, suspected as a criminal, may face additional criminal charges by law enforcement if he or she attempts to avoid arrest. If such a condition arises, you can get help by trusting your experienced attorney. The lawyer can thoroughly review the charges against you and help you with the possible defense strategies.

Other offenses- Apart from the cases mentioned above, Christopher T. Gore covers various other criminal law practice areas. These are enlisted below:

  • Petitions for nondisclosure or expunction
  • Motions to adjudicate and motions to revoke probate
  • Gambling or gaming offenses
  • White collar defense
  • Defense to the cases of theft, shoplifting or embezzlement
  • Cases of sexual assault
  • Assault of family member
  • Possession of marijuana or any controlled substance

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About Christopher T. Gore: 
Christopher T. Gore is a well-known criminal defense attorney, based in Houston. He has experience of more than 19 years in fighting criminal cases. He has complete knowledge about the Houston Court Systems, the judges and prosecuting attorneys.

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