Cape Gas- A Renowned LPG Installer in South Africa

Cape Gas is one of the most renowned gas companies in Cape Town. They have been a part of the ‘Liquid Petroleum Gas’ or LPG industry for over 30 years. The company employs several licensed gas practitioners or installers, who are Licensed and Registered under the South African Qualification and Certification Committee for Gas (SAQCC).

Services Provided by Cape Gas:

1. Domestic Gas Installation:
The company serves a wide array of domestic and residential gas installations, ranging from Basic Economy installation with a Gas Hob connection and a single 9kg cylinder to multiple appliance connections. They offer a single or dual cylinder supply consistent with SANS10087-1. Installation and repairs of the domestic appliances such as geysers, fireplaces, hobs and stoves are also provided by the company.

2. Commercial Installation:
Cape Gas offers commercial installation services to different commercial sectors that include hospitality, restaurants, cafes, the catering industry, powder coating companies, coffee shops, laboratories and in-house kitchens of different companies. They maintain the SANS 10087-2 standard for the commercial installations, which includes multiple cylinders connected to different sized manifolds. In addition, the company offers the installation of the appliances such as ovens, boiling tables, grillers and geysers in the commercial sectors.

3. Industrial Installation:
The industrial installation service refers to the installation in larger companies. This service covers the liquid as well as vapour gas installations. They provide their users with the bulk tank facility. To industries like printing companies, crematoriums, hothouses, industrial powder coating, heating for extrusion and the large-scale food production companies are served by Cape Gas. Apart from this, their service also includes agricultural installations in chicken houses or poultry farms for controlled heating. They stick to the SANS 10087-3 and SANS 10087-7 standards in industrial installations.

4. Maintenance Services:
The company provides repairing, replacement and maintenance services for all LPG pipework and working parts associated with it. They cover annual inspections in both domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. They offer servicing of fireplaces, minor repairs of appliances, and COC inspections for the domestic and commercial sectors.

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About the Company:
Cape Gas is one of the most renowned gas installation companies in South Africa. The company is registered with the LPGSASA or Liquid Petroleum Gas Safety Association of Southern Africa and the SAQCC or South African Qualification and Certification Committee for Gas. They offer installation by strictly adhering to all the safety standards and guidelines. Cape Gas has a team of experienced and licensed installers, who are guided by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Unit 13 Milnerton Business Park
Racecourse Road, Montague Gardens
7441, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: 021 551-5748