Why Might It Be Better to Work With an SEO Reseller?

If you want search engine optimization (SEO) services, why go with entrepreneurs who just want to resell SEO, and not outsource SEO to the Internet marketing companies that host the SEO reseller program? After all, SEO resellers just buy the services, mark them up, and then resell SEO to companies like your own. They don’t necessarily have the same knowledge and experience that comes with the online marketing company, right?

No, actually. There are several good reasons why working with entrepreneurs who resell SEO might be as good, if not better, than the main SEO company. Here are a couple worth considering.


You Get the Same Level of Service.

Entrepreneurs who resell SEO aren’t the ones that implement it. That’s done by the main company. An SEO reseller is essentially a freelance salesman, if you will. Their only job is to resell SEO and provide great customer service. Everything else is left up to the main SEO company, which means that you’re getting all the experience and technical know-how of the main SEO firm.

Resellers Free Up Resources For the Main SEO Company.

Resellers can mark up the SEO services because they get to buy them at discounted rates. The reason that they buy them so cheaply is because they handle the marketing and distribution end. This frees up additional resources for the SEO company. Rather than having to worry about finding new clients, the SEO company can devote more time to the quality of their services. This means that by working with a reseller, you wind up getting better quality service than you might working directly with the company.

Resellers are an equally, if not better, option for outsourcing SEO needs. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.