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On the august occasion of the 73rd Independence Day of India FIITJEE Global School is glad to announce the opening of its first two modern School campuses in Chennai & Vellore. To mark this epochal launch, FIITJEE Global School is organizing a Mega Talent Hunt Contest. It is slated to be an annual contest and event that intends to find Creativity and Talent champions amongst the kids in the age group of Age 2-14 years. The aim is to explore all the fascinating abilities of children in this age bracket.
This Contest seeks to motivate children to develop special skills that would give them additional value in life be it singing, dancing, painting, writing poems, essays or stories, practice yoga, indulge in acrobatics or any sports, do computer programming, debating, speaking extempore, acting et al. Due to the diverse nature of skills exploration this competition has aptly been named -ALLROUNDERS.
This Talent-Hunt will not only bring the best out of children, but via the finesse of FIITJEE Global school it will also provide ample opportunity for all-round development to all participants.
Broad-stroke questions and teasers that evoke parent curiosity and interest like “Every Child Has A Special Talent, What Unique Quality Does Your Kid Have? and “Don’t Let The Innate Talent Of Your Child Wither Away Give Him/Her An Opportunity To Fly High In The Limelight;” are being circulated in social media to generate the required buzz.
Allrounders Competition winners stand a chance to win fabulous prizes like:
• An all-expenses paid trip to NASA.
• A jaunt to Disneyland Hong Kong.
• Lifelong free education at any Fiitjee Global School of your choice.
• Scholarship Badges and Fee waivers at Fiitjee Global School.
• Mega Gift Hampers.
• Assured Participation prizes for every participant
• Total Rewards approximately worth Rs 5 Crores.
In order to Participate in the Allronders Contest participants must send an SMS with text “AllRounders” to 880088 4167. In a return message they will get a URL that would take them to the contest registration page. Participants can fill up their details required and Register under one or multiple categories. After their successful registration they will get a code for each category that they Register in. Thereafter they need to Record a Video / Take a Picture of their Ward depicting his/her skill and talent and upload it to Facebook on their wall. For more details visit:

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Fiitjee Global School is the K-12 schooling initiative from The FIITJEE Group,has been helping students to achieve success in tough competitive examinations like IITJEE and NEET for the past 27 years and has been a leader in the coaching industry. Every year scores of FIITJEE students routinely make it to the prestigious institutions like IITs, NITs, AIIMS and other ivy league colleges globally.

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