Exploring the pg facility in electronic city Bangalore

By | August 20, 2019

While studying in Bangalore, you can get confused about whether to choose a hostel or a pg. The basic difference is hostels offer a wide exposure and are much bigger with more inmates. A pg is smaller as compared to a hostel. In a hostel, you live in bigger places like a residency with a much more professional approach to your living. In a pg or a paying guest system, some families rent their extra room for students, working professionals and more. It is usually a shared accommodation where you get to live with the family. A pg provides a more homely atmosphere than a hostel.

Difference between a hostel and a pg

For your easy reference, I think it is best to point out some basic differences so that you can choose properly when a situation arises.

  • Hostels are like dorms with common rooms and a common bathroom. Many students or individuals live together and practically most basic necessities are shared. In a pg however you have your own space with separate bathroom and kitchen. It may be shared but not like in a hostel.
  • Hostels have mess facility where you get breakfast, lunch and dinner. In a pg you can have the facility of free breakfast which the family provides. For others, kitchen is provided where you cook your own meal.
  • Hostels are low cost than pgs.
  • The security in regards to your belongings is less in a hostel than a pg.
  • A hostel is mostly preferred by students whereas a pg is preferred by a working professional.
  • Hostels are generally located in city area whereas pgs may be located in residential places.

Each place has its pros and cons but choosing a pg in electronic city bangalore depends on your requirements and the type of environment you prefer.

What to expect in a pg?

If you are a working professional a pg accommodation should be ideal for you. Many pg in Bangalore are packed with modern facilities like WiFi, gym, TV and air conditioners. The rooms are clean and proper hygiene is maintained. Most pgs rent budget friendly options which include cooking gas or induction cooker, RO drinking water facility, geyser in bathrooms, fridge. With a bit more price you can get a washing machine and an air conditioner.

Pgs comes with many facilities that are commonly found at home. Since most pgs are rented by families, you can have a good time in the weekends spending time with them. You develop a certain bond with those families. Good behavior and cleanliness are impressive factors if you want to stay in a pg. Look for pg in electronic city phase 1 for gents and you will get many who offer good accommodation. Read the reviews and testimonials of previous guests. You will get an idea of how good they are. You can also take the help of brokers, but with a proper Google search, many online housing websites come up. Searching for a good safe pg is no problem at all!

However, while choosing a ladies pg in an electronic city makes sure you keep in mind certain things:

  • A pg should provide all basic facility like RO drinking water, clean and stain free rooms, hot water facility in bathrooms. Bathrooms must be properly made with running water, basin and WC.
  • The location must have proper transportation facility to your work area.
  • Nearby market is always a good point to note of.
  • A pg must provide proper security features like proper locks on doors and windows.
  • Good pgs provides extra facilities like proper hygienic food, WiFi, fully furnished rooms, well equipped kitchen with fridge, cooking gas or induction cooker, microwave and other electronic appliances. Some pgs have power backup facilities like invertors and good parking spaces.
  • Housekeeping facility and CCTV are the ingredients of the best pgs in electronic city, Bangalore. Some provide open terrace, balcony, parks and open places to play games and have a healthy social interaction.

No Broker Assistance Needed

Online platforms have facilitated many families or pg owners to showcase their business online. This is a boon for all migrants traveling to Bangalore for work. Just a quick search will show you many websites where hostels, pgs and rented flats are available. They are like Trivago, but not for hotels. You can compare various options, look into their amenities and choose the right one that is suited to you. You don’t need to depend on a broker and pay them your first month’s rent. Just Google pg in electronic city phase1 for ladies and you will be able to see thousands of results! Online platforms are generally preferred because they are run by highly trained professionals; they have transparent payment service and also provide cashless facility. Budgets start as low as 4k and go up to 9k a month.