Apigee Services: What should you consider?

By | October 15, 2019

Different platforms are there in the realm of IT that are helping the businesses in data integration, customers experience and so on. Talking about Apigee Edge, it is a good platform for developing and managing APIs. By fronting your services with a proxy layer, it caters an abstraction or facade for your backend service APIs and caters rate limiting, security, quotas, analytics, and more.

Once you avail Apigee services you can feel an instant boost in overall working, productivity and ease. Using these platforms would make you more agile, effective, professional and most importantly fecund.

Making your services available on the internet or web

Companies and businesses today wish to make their backend services available on the internet. It is so that these services can get consumed by apps running on both mobile devices and desktops. A company could want to expose services that deliver product pricing and availability information, sales and even ordering services, order tracking services, and any other services that might be needed by client apps.

Businesses often expose services as a set of HTTP endpoints.  You know the client app developers then form HTTP requests to these endpoints. On the basis of the endpoint, the service could then return data, formatted as XML or that of JSON, back to the client app.The apps of the client that consume these services can get implemented as standalone apps for a mobile device or that of tablet, as HTML5 apps running in a browser, or that of as any other kind of app that might make a request to an HTTP endpoint and take up any response data.  These are the apps that could be developed and released by the same company that exposed the services, or by even third-party application developers who make use of publicly available services.

It is important to know that since the providers make their services available over internet or web, they must ensure that they own all necessary steps to secure and guard their services from illegal or unauthorized access. As a service provider, you have to consider:

  • Compatibility: are your services work across different platforms and devices?
  • Security: How will you plan to control access to your services to avert any type of unauthorized access?
  • Measurability: How can you monitor the services you have to make sure they are available?
  • Monetization: How can you effectively track and bill customers for access to your services?

These were a few of the many considerations.  Anyhow, after a client application has been released that accesses any services, then the service provider is needed to make sure that those services go on to work overtime as they add, modify, or even that of delete those services. The service provider should also have a way to keep application developers aware of any type of changes to the services to make sure that client apps stay in sync with those specific services.


Thus, you need to talk to an apigee company and find out what exactly you should know. If you want to rule your industry, you need to learn, try and implement the strategies getting used!