TOP 8 Unhealthy Foods You Eat Every Day & Their HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES

By | October 16, 2019

Do you still confused about which meals that you eat are healthy? It is really easy to get confused among the variety of dishes you eat every day. If you keep healthy diet you may feel uncomfortable in a new place or city where you meet many different fast food spots. Germany is known of its variety of cooking cultures and mixed cuisines. Traditionally, when you think of German cars, you think of Audi and Porsche. They are luxury car makers, but rental car in Frankfurt airport or Berlin gives you cheap alternatives! You can check prices online! The same is about food.

What are the most popular healthy restaurants in Germany? Everyone knows about Ginko with its curious but healthy vegan dishes and Picknickbank with its large plates and homemade hummus. If their prices seem too high, you can eat healthy even in the fast food cafes or buy food in the supermarket. Here you can find unhealthy food that you usually eat and its healthy alternatives you can find in the shop!

Lemon Water in a Glass



  1. Sugar waters

Dieting people try to avoid sugar in their meals. But not all sugar foods are unhealthy. Speaking about sugar drinks, they are really harmful for your teeth and your diet. You usually count calories in your food but don’t count them in your drinks. Too much sugar causes diabetes and heart diseases.


You should drink clean fresh water with a slice of lemon. Also, you can drink teas and coffee.

  1. Pizzas

Pizza is really one of the most popular foods around the world. Home-made pizza is tasty and made of fresh natural ingredients. But if you buy pizza in the shop, you can’t check if it is made of healthy ingredients. Is the meat fresh? Are there any vegetables in your pizza?


You can find a restaurant where you can pick ingredients and watch the process of cooking. It would be great! Otherwise, cook your pizza at home!

  1. White buns, bread

It is not a secret that most of the breads you buy in the shop are not healthy, of course, if you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even between meals. The point is, bread is made of refined wheat and this is not healthy ingredient for your blood and digestion.


Try whole-grain bread. You can also find special gluten free bread for allergists and those who can’t eat gluten and carbs.

Vegetarian Pizza - Paesano

  1. Fruit juices

People used to think that fruit juices are healthy by definition. But if you drink juices from packages, they are made with sugar and aromatic flavors. One glass of juice contains even more sugar than a glass of Coke or Pepsi.


If you are afraid of sugar, try to drink home-made lemonades or freshly squeezed juices.

  1. Breakfast cereals

What do you prefer for breakfast? Of course, you may think that sweet cereals from the supermarket are what you need to get much energy in the morning. But you should remember that your mouth-watering cereals you eat for breakfast are usually made not only of oats, rice, or corn, but with high addition of sugar. Sugar content is also high in the popular cereals for kids with added cocoa or honey crunches. It’s too much sugar for your health!


You can buy cereals that are natural, rich in fiber, and with no sugar.

  1. Fried and grilled food

It is not a secret that fried and grilled food from the restaurants is not healthy. Why? First of all, frying and grilling are not the healthiest methods of cooking. The food is cooked under the high heat and it is really fatty. Have you ever though what is happening with your steak in the process of cooking? Many chemicals can be generated in high-heat cooking. They are not dangerous and cause cancer and heart problems.


If you want to improve your health, you can cook your food in a different way. How about stewing or steaming?

Nahaufnahme von großen ungebackenen Kekstalern mit Schokostücken auf weißem Untergrund

  1. Pastries, cookies

People like eating cookies and cakes. They are not really healthy if you eat it in excess. Why? It’s because they contain too much sugar, fats, and different unhealthy ingredients. What is more, you can hardly find any essential ingredients there.


If you have a sweet tooth, you can eat dark chocolate, fruits, and home-made sweets.

  1. French fries, chips

Fries and chips are not healthy meals. They are high in calories, fats, and too tasty to stop eating. Also, when you fry potatoes, it gives large amounts of acrylamides, which are not healthy.


Eat potatoes boiled. If you like crispy food, you can fry carrots or nuts.

Don’t worry if you didn’t find your favorite foods in our list. There always must be a healthy alternative to everything you like to eat. You just need to find it! Do you have troubles with it? You can find more information in the internet and make up your own EAT-INSTEAD list.