A Prophetic Message from God to the People of Earth

By | November 8, 2019

Spread God’s Love, His Message and Stay Blessed

6th November 2019 – The Message and warning from God that end time is coming – “Oh my Brethren, why do all this to me. I cannot help myself but think of you every day. Why? Please why do this to me. I need you oh my children; I cannot stand the pain any more than this. You keep on pushing me back to the cross in which I suffered and was sacrificed unto you my dearest children. I need you every passing moment. I want you to change the way you act towards me my dear brethren. My heart is shuttered in pain and arguing why do this to me. You have refused to love and stay holy and pure just like me.

I am crying my children. I am begging you and asking you to change your style of behavior. ALL YE PEOPLE OF EARTH! Why do you do this to me? I am on my knees begging you and asking you to please stop the way you act. I gave up everything for you and how do you repay me, by lies, misunderstanding, sin, greediness and so on. I have come to tell you that I am coming soon, please don’t let the time be too late before you repent for there is no second chance when I come, my brethren why do this to me. I am trying my best to save you but don’t let me to save you oh my children. Why?

Why do this to me, I give everything you ever want but how do you repay me, by sin. I want you to be saved, please ALL YE PEOPLE OF EARTH!! Behold I am coming soon to take my people to the place I have promised you, I beech you all my friends my children and love once I need you to look unto me. I don’t want you to fall in the hands of enemies. SPREAD MY WORDS FOR ITS TRUE SAY FROM ME. Look up onto your sister here and behold her for I will talk and send messengers through her.

As I said behold I am coming soon those who have ears let him hear and make use of it. I love you all. Never forget it. Please stay away from sin. Don’t you look anything just believe in me, you Father and King Jesus. When the time come I will separate the sheep from goat and will say to the sheep – come and rejoice you have made proud, come and take your rightful place I will say to the goat depart from me. I know you not. Depart from me.” This is a warning from God to say that end time is coming.

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