RYO Coffee: Get a Real Authentic Coffee Experience

By | November 8, 2019

RYO Coffee is South Africa’s first dedicated micro-lot distributor of raw coffee beans. The company also offers a range of fresh, pre-roasted coffee and an assortment of tools which is required to get the ultimate coffee experience, whether you’re at home or at the office.

Products on Offer
RYO Coffee’s main aim is to provide customers with an enjoyable coffee experience fit for any coffee enthusiast. They work with a network of global coffee traders, putting a firm emphasis on the importance of ethical and fair trade practices. Their products include:

1. Raw Coffee Beans: The coffee that people consume on a daily basis all over the world is known to be brown in colour, however you do get green beans as well. These beans are green because they have not been roasted yet. RYO Coffee allows you to purchase your raw coffee beans from a single origin. You can then roast the beans yourself with equipment also available on RYO Coffees online store.

2. Roasting Equipment: Roasting your own coffee is easy and very rewarding. There is a wide variety of equipment you can use to roast coffee at home. You could use a traditional method like stove top roasting, or you could opt for something a little easier like an automated machine.

3. Grinding Equipment: Grinding equipment is a very important part of getting the coffee experience right. Normally a cheap blade grinder can do the job. However, at RYO Coffee, you will find ceramic burr grinders which are known for providing the best results. Selecting the right grinder is crucial to get the maximum flavour out of any coffee bean, or if a consistent grind is required.

4. Accessories: There are several accessories available to achieve the best coffee experience. This can include coffee brew pouches, insulated plungers, unbleached coffee filters, milk thermometers, and pour over coffee drippers which are just some of the available accessories.

5. Brewing Equipment: The type of brewing equipment you use will have a direct impact on the flavour of your coffee. The only way to find out which brewing apparatus or method is for you is to try them and see which one you prefer.

At RYO Coffee, customers have the option of buying raw beans in brown kraft bags to roast themselves. Pre-roasted beans are also available, packed in a white heat sealed, foil lined bag with a one-way release valve.

To find out more about RYO Coffee or purchase their products, please visit https://ryocoffee.co.za/

About RYO Coffee 
RYO Coffee is a South Africa based coffee distributor, who also supply brewing, roasting and grinding equipment to their customers in order to provide a personal, tailor-made coffee experience. Their products can be purchased directly from their website or the roasted range can be found at Spar.

Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550, South Africa