Why single color rigid boxes Is Friendly to Small Business

By | November 8, 2019

Single colour rigid boxes refer to a style of product packaging, where a box-type container of one colour or shade, is used by companies that produce high-end products like smartphones, cosmetics, vintage wines, electronics, precious ornaments and much more. The advantage of using rigid setup boxes is the fact that they are successful in attracting the consumer by providing a sense of quality, luxury, and elegance. This is why they are used by small but expensive items. Also, the fact that they are made by toughened cardboard or chipboard, that is four times thicker than regular packaging. This helps in protecting the product as well as an effective display of the items at a retailer.Rigid boxes, as explained, are highly useful in wrapping delicate and expensive commodities. They are slightly more expensive as packaging materials, as they are made of reinforced material that is tough and strong (although you can save cost by buying rigid boxes wholesale). Also, they cannot be mass reduced as easily as cardboard boxes and plastic packaging. So what possibly can be the reason that they are so popular amongst manufacturers, whose main aim is saving costs?

How do Small Businesses Utilize Packaging?

The factor that convinces producers to forego the relative cost is quality and long term benefits. This is the standard model of thinking employed by brands and companies that wish to distinguish their product and gain a foothold in the market. Small businesses are the operations that have been set up recently or are operating on a small scale or local scale. The only way these small businesses can get a reasonable market share, as well as become popular amongst the people, is by producing items that are of high quality and gain the interest of the market. That is achieved by embarking on an effective marketing campaign. And here is where we link this whole cycle of a little company with big aims trying to compete with the big brands out there in the market, with packaging.

Psychic Effects of Packaging: 

Consider a scenario where you decide to buy something like a bottle of perfume as a gift for someone. You do not have any knowledge of perfumes companies. If you want to play sure, best thing is to acquire and leave this work to SEO blogger outreach agencies like Outreach Mama, Fat Media and others similar to get the best results and highest rankings for your desired keywords. You walk in the shop and see shelves lined with hundreds of bottles of scents. Which one do you pick? The one that catches your eye first, the one that stands out. So you pick it up and like the scent and buy it. There could have been a better scent amongst the many bottles, but you only bought the one that provided you with a pleasing visual stimulus.

This effect of packaging subconsciously leading us to be attracted to a certain type of product is what companies rely upon to make sales. That is why they spend billions each year trying to come up with newer, innovative, and more aesthetically pleasing packaging designs and themes. It is the only way in which small businesses can compete with established firms. If the product is alluring enough, the consumer will be drawn to it, regardless of the brand name.

Rigid Boxes and Brand Establishment:

From a packaging point of view, these are one of the most attractive and popular. Most companies selling luxury items maintain a stock of rigid boxes. They have a lot of advantages, but from the perspective of a recently established firm trying to gain sales, there are three main advantages that benefit the company name and the consumer

  1. Product differentiation: in a market that has big companies successfully competing, it is difficult to compete at their level. They have better infrastructure, better production processes, bigger marketing campaigns, and the benefit of brand loyalty. It is difficult to run in that race. So small scale operations should create a race of their own. Differentiate your product so that consumers can be attracted to it (the psychic impact of product presentation), despite not knowing your brand. The boxes allow customization, and the hard walls allow you to construct a variety of textures and 3D designs on the box to make it even more unique. And this differentiation will be allowed by a unique packaging; single colour rigid boxes. The merits of these boxes make them stand out on a shelf, and ensure sales, and eventually a buildup of your company image.
  2. Branding: the most important factor that consumers take into account when buying something is the brand. Branded products have a distinct advantage. When you present your item in a way that is impactful and unique, the buyer will definitely consider buying it. The brand image is the impact of your packaging. If the commodity is encased in a bold and classy box that is strong, has textures and layers, and projects a sense of luxury and wealth, it will lead to a positive image being created in the mind of the buyer. And of course, a positive image will not only lead to a single sale but continued sales, as well as free marketing by the satisfied consumer.
  3. Display: your product will only be bought if it is visible to the consumer. And the display is what ensures sales. Company representatives make sure that their product is visible and noticeable. And for a small company that is not well recognized, it is absolutely vital that its product is displayed prominently. Single-coloured rigid boxes are easy to set on a shelf and present to the consumer.
  4. As a new business: you will have the need to save expenses. Granted, that rigid boxes are slightly more expensive than cardboard, and not manufactured easily (unless you are a rigid setup box manufacturer. However, what you need to understand is that this initial investment will have long term benefits. The packaging of a product is very important for a firm trying to carve a niche for itself in a competitive market structure, and should be a major area of focus.