Some Good Resorts In Maldives

By | December 14, 2019

south Asian country situated in the Indian OceanMaldives is famous all over the world for its live and colorful coral reefs. These elegantly cover most of the land area of the place, making the Maldives a fascinating tourist attraction. The white sand, the blue sea, the green, and tall palm trees swaying merrily in the pleasant coastal breeze adds up to the picturesque of this place. This draws thousands of tourists every year from all around the year.


Choice of resorts

The resorts meant for the tourists can be very clearly distinguished from each other. While some are very traditional in style and presentation, others are very sophisticated and modern. Some of the resorts are also bungalow pattern. These resorts also differ in the profile and status of the clienteles. Some resorts are meant for the elite group of customer’s Pubfilm while others are meant for those with a bit lesser economic status. Some of the resorts are also reserved exclusively for certain nationalities only, like German, French, Spanish, etc. these exclusive restaurants take special measures to serve food that has the authentic cuisine of that specific nationality.

Those passionate with diving and sea sports can also take accommodations in some specified resorts that operate especially for such sort of client as these are so wisely positioned that they provide better accessibility to the sea. Other facilities such as food, quality of rooms, provision of tennis courts, swimming pools, volleyball courts, equipment in the bathroom, etc depend on the type of resorts. Some of the much-frequented, very well-known resorts are being discussed here.

The Spirit of Baros

The most intriguing feature of this resort is its warm welcome to its guests. The guests are escorted from the airport to the island resort in the private speedboats by the resort staff. The ambiance of the resort is heart-melting, comprising of reef-ringed colorful shores, coconut palm grooves against a vast stretch of a blue lagoon. Amidst this scenic beauty, the main structure of the resort is lead by shady sandstone paths, adorned by brilliantly colored and colorful hibiscus and bougainvillea.

Along with the scenic portrait the resort also treats its guests with excellent and spacious room facilities, overlooking the coconut and palm groves and the blue sea, creating a heavenly feeling in the minds of the valued guests. It also treats the tourists to a relaxing and luxuriant spa and also offers a diving facility to its adventure-loving lot. The spa at the “Spirit of Baros” is named as “Aquum Spa”. It has been designed in such a way that the guests are rejuvenated in the magical spa of the resort amidst the natural environment, in the lush foliage of palm and coconut grove.

Diving is a pleasure in this place. The resort has its oval-shaped coral reef, at a distance of approximately ten to fifteen meters from the sea. This reef is rich in marine life and easy to access due to the smoothness of its slopes. It is so easily accessible that even the non-divers can spend a gala time swimming and snorkeling here. “The Baros International Diving Center” located within this Spirit of Baros” resort offers scuba diving expeditions all-round the year.

Club Faru

Club Faro is another luxurious resort located in the northern atoll of Malethe capital Maldives. Started to operate in this business in the year 1978, it was formerly known as Club Med. It is located in close distance from the International and the heat of Male. This resort also is a soothing treat owing to its thick undergrowth of coconut trees, the beach and the sun, the white sands and the enjoyable coastal breeze.

The catch of this resort is its spirited nature. It offers a series of water sports facilities to its guests ranging from swimming in the resort swimming pool, diving, snorkeling, along with great alternatives of a sailing expedition like cat sailing, kayaking, etc. not only. The outdoor freshwater swimming pool is an extra addition to this.

Staying at this resort is worth, comprising of its warm and friendly treatment of its staff, the quality of the rooms and other integral facilities. It can accommodate a large number of guests in its 152 guest rooms, some of which are necessarily twin beds, with an option of two adults and a child or three adults and separate bath, telephone, and terrace.

Angsana and Velavaru Villa

When talking about this resort, one thing needs to be mentioned first. That is, it is located in the unfrequented Dhaalu Atoll. But again, that twist lies in here. If you dream of spending your holidays in the calm of nature, a thousand miles away from the crowd, in the heart-melting coastal breeze then you must stay at this resort. You will have grand opportunity to pamper your senses and indulge yourself in several options like dolphin watchingfishing in the deep sea at night and snorkeling safaris.

This resort is accommodated with seventy-nine villas that face the Indian Ocean and breathe calmness and tranquility. The beaches are also private property of this resort. So you have the freedom to enjoy yourself here.

Angsana Velavaru is ideal for wedding celebrations, due to its ambiance and distance away from the main city area. The pavilions meant for such occasions are shaped liked boat spydialer, which are in local terms called “dhoni”. Along with wedding parties, the resort is best suited for many other occasions, meetings, and parties.

Asdu Sun Island

Another resort located in the tropical ambiance of the coastal area, Asdu Sun Island is located in the North Male Atoll. The natural treasures of this resort include the white sandy and sunny beach, the marine blue waters of the lagoon, and a great variety of colorful sea fishes and exotic live coral reef that is specially protected by the resort authority, visit here Free Webtoon Online.

Thou it is the smallest resort in the Maldives, still, it has 30 bungalows to accommodate guests that visit here. The authority takes special attention to preserve the natural beauty and the tradition of Maldives.

The ambiance is so natural that when you plan a swimming session at its private beach you are most likely to be accompanied by a school of tropical beaches.