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By | February 16, 2020

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Author Erica Roberts is the author of The Journey. The Journey is about a Woman who grew up as a young girl in the project, with both parents and suffered with Asthma all her life. She experienced a lot of short comings in her life but the one thing you will hear in the audio book is she never gave up on herself. She experienced things like a man walking out of her life, domestic violence, etc but she always found a way to pick herself up and keep moving. She became this lady that know what she want out of life and she go for it.

Author Erica Roberts recently created The Journey of Relationships and Love Podcast Show. The shows are about Relationships why they work and why they do not based on people who have tried and won also those who have tried and lost. Sometimes we need to know the differences between Love and Lust. Sometimes we are in Lust but think it is Love.

The partnership between Yvonne Wilcox Pen Name and Author Erica Roberts will produce the Internet TV version of The Journey of Relationships and Love Podcast that will allow Guest Speakers to voice their views on relationships and love via LIVE Video Conference Streaming in addition to Audio Streaming.

The Journey of Relationships and Love will try to solve the mystery of is it Real Love or Fake Love that people feel when they meet someone new.

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