Kabali Movie Review

By | March 29, 2020

Superstar Rajinikanth starrer ‘Kabali” had the nation gripped in a state of feverous excitement for days before its release. Overlook  the Malaysian-Tamil setting and the movie is your action-revenge plot.

The narrative introduces the viewer to the gang war between Kabali , a leader of a group of Tamil indentured labour in the Malaysian rubber plantation, where circumstances turn him into a grizzled crime gang-leader, and Tony Lee, with the aged hero arrested and in prison for 25 years, while his rivals gaining power during this time and plotting to take him out after his release. Meanwhile our hero has different things on his mind, like finding out what exactly happened to his then-pregnant wife (Radhika Apte) who was fighting for her life whist he was sent to prison.

But Kabali, is not your typical Rajini film. Its plus and minus lies in it being a Director’s ( Pa Ranjit) film, who oscillates between wanting his audience to hoot and whistle at the superstars charisma or tries hard for the viewer to get emotional. The director introduces his characters in flashbacks and prologues, this however fails to have the impact it intended and is a little irksome.  Rajinikanth gives what is expected from him. He plays his age but with his signature style, delivers the kicks and punches in his three piece suits and his dark glasses ,proving that age has nothing on his superstardom. He kicks ass but yet, is vulnerable and leaves the fans with plenty of ‘goose bump- worthy’ moments. The movie allows the star to showcase his acting prowess with his subtle and nuanced performances aside from  the jarringly breathtaking action sequences.

For the support cast,Radhika Apte, elegantly complements Rajini in her short screen time and shines by herself in the movie. Dhansika, as Kabali’s daughter, isn’t too convincing while the antagonist (a new face) fails to match the screen presence of the superstar. The movie different from other traditional watch free online bollywood movies. The background score adds perfectly to the movies with the songs blending smoothly with the narrative. The well choreographed action sequences are one of the things working in favour of the movie.

The climax comes in as a surprise for your rajini film. Just when the viewer erupts with joy watching the star polish away the baddies, comes the plot twist!

Maybe, with a tighter screenplay and a bit of polishing this movie wouldn’t have been as much as a let down, or could be the wilting under all those heaps of expxtations but watch it for the ‘Thaliva’, nothing more to say!