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Online Carbide Has End Mills For Sale At the Lowest Prices Online

The best way for a machine shop or machine production line to buy their carbide tooling is to go to and pay less for high quality carbide tools made in the USA. Online Carbide manufactures their carbide tooling with superior material and coatings to make their tools last longer, cut better, and deliver the… Read More »


The Best End Mills For Aluminum Are Online at Online Carbide

End Mills that can handle the unique conditions Aluminum present are not easy to find. Once found, they can be prohibitively expensive; unless they are from the folks at Online Carbide. They manufacture the Best End Mills For Aluminum in North America. What Makes Online Carbide’s End Mills the Best? There are many tool manufacturers out… Read More »


Single Pitch or Full Form Thread Milling With Solid Carbide

Many machine shops use one or both types of Thread Mills in their production operations. Precision and consistency are extremely important when performing a Thread Milling procedure, especially when the production template requires several or even dozens of Thread Mill processes. Online Carbide manufactures their Thread Milling with Solid Carbide to ensure greater tool longevity… Read More »


Online Carbide Solid Carbide Thread Mills Can’t Be Beat

Companies that utilize machining operations as a part of their production processes know the difference between claims of performance and actual performance. Anyone can put a marketing piece together with claims of capability but it doesn’t take long to separate the claims from the reality. Online Carbide knows it’s the customer who will ultimately back… Read More »


Solid Carbide End Mills Manufacturers Aren’t All the Same

Different companies offer Solid Carbide End Mills but Solid Carbide End Mills manufacturers don’t build their products alike. Metal content, finishing processes, and marketing methods are unique to each manufacturer. Online Carbide produces the best Carbide End Mills because they pay attention to each step in the manufacturing, finishing, and pricing of their End Mills. End… Read More »