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Efficient Ream Browser for Android from Scand Ltd

Recently Scand Ltd, a software development outsource company developed a useful addition to Realm NoSQL DB, a Realm Browser for Android. The present press release tends to indicate the beneficial nature of Realm used as a database for some mobile development projects and highlights Scand recent development of the browser to facilitate the interaction with… Read More »


Top 5 Reasons to use SkyHistory for your Skype account

Make your Skype chat history trackable, scalable and easily manageable. Get this unique user experience with SkyHistory developed by Scand Ltd. Everybody heard of Skype and almost everybody is using it, so there is no need to explain how Skype helps us live smart and work efficiently. With its free calls and messages, the ability… Read More »


TouchZ is a bug tracking tool for iOS

Free open source iOS library facilitating mobile application testing   The library TouchZ was released on August 15 and its main aim is to help testers and software application developers to simplify the process of mobile app testing. This bug tracking library is developed by Scand Ltd. to be integrated into an iOS project and… Read More »


WinGPG – simple yet secure way to protect your data

Encryption of sensitive data is a key element of any privacy either corporate or individual. There is no need picturing how it feels like to realise that the third party is using your personal information.   Nowadays the protection of sensitive information is an actual and important problem, and one of the best software solutions… Read More »


SkyHistory – a full featured Skype chat history manager

SkyHistory enables you to store and manage Skype messaging, filter chats and browse through saved conversations chronologically.   There is no more need to make your way through piles of personal messages to find valuable pieces of information you received a couple of days ago. SkyHistory is a Skype account manager to categorize all the… Read More »